Estée Lalonde #ECSTYLESEARCH Wrap Party


My friend Melody is a fan of beauty blogger and Youtuber Estée Lalonde and I went with her to a launch party for her book Bloom. I had not actually heard of Lalonde, but I love makeup.

When I heard Lalonde speak and answer questions during her presentation I was very impressed by her down to earth personality. I connected with her right away when she talked about anxiety and how blogging had helped her overcome some of those feelings. I actually told Lalonde when she signed my book that I was new to her channel but felt moved by her speech.


The party had a bunch of make up stations and also a photo booth for taking faux magazine covers!


Along with the book, we left with a whole bunch of swag!

I can’t wait to use that Smashbox primer.

The Face Shop Haul

DSCF6987-2I was really excited to find out that The Face Shop now has a downtown location at the Eaton’s Centre. Previously, I would have to go to Pacific Mall to obtain any Asian beauty products.


Winter really dries out my hands so I purchased this Olive & Argan oil hand cream. A little goes a long way and the sent is very light.


I also purchased more of the Real Nature face masks. A set of 15 different ones only cost $20!


I bought this Blackhead nose strip for $1 so I could get an extra discounted face mask below:


I’m excited to try this honey mask that is a different line than the Real Nature ones. Hopefully I won’t look like a pig haha!


The lady at the cash suggested I sign up for a points card so I can collect points towards future purchases. If you ever want some affordable beauty products, be sure to check out The Face Shop.




Birchbox: May 2015 Edition


The theme of this month’s beautiful Birchbox is Cupcakes and Cashmere, inspired by an Emily Schuman book. The box also focuses on organic products that can transform your moods.

IMG_7037Speaking of mood enhancing, there was a soap from Not Soap Radio that has “pheramone activation”. I used it in a bubble bath and it smells delightfully like berries.


This organic Stem Cellular Moisturiser from Juice Beauty is for firming the skin and hiding wrinkles.

IMG_7039Dr. Lipp’s original nipple balm for lips might have a slightly silly name but it uses a formula that was historically used by nursing mothers. It can be used as a lip balm or on dry elbows and cuticles.


Shaving is also a relaxing guilty pleasure and this shea butter shave cream from Whish smells delicious.


Lastly, there was the Expressionist Bio Extreme Mascara from W3LL PEOPLE that I’m super excited to try because I love mascaras! I have never used an organic one so I’m very interested to see how it holds up in daily wear.

I’m very happy with my May Birchbox and I will continue being a subscriber in June. It’s only $10.95 (+$4.95 shipping) and it’s like a lovely pick me up once a month.

If you’d like to become a subscriber you can use my referral code here:


Birchbox: April 2015 Edition

I had gifted my little sister with a 3 month subscription to Birchbox, but I recently decided to get my own.
There was a bit of a shipping error but the customer service was awesome and fixed it right away and gave me a free box next month for the trouble.
IMG_3603Everyone who ordered April’s box received a Beauty Blender ($18) and a liquid cleaner for the brush. This alone was worth the Birchbox as it’s a must-have in every beauty aficionado’s collection.



I don’t like fragrance’s but Birchbox has an option to receive them only a few times a year. This Harvey Prince one had cute spring packaging though!


I’m excited to try this 12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment that is an all-in-one and detangles, hydrates, protects and repairs past damage.


This delicious cream from Perlier was the next item in the box.


I thought this was a bottle of nail polish but it’s actually a full-sized version of Jelly Pong Pong’s Glow Getter highlighter ($16.50). It’s not for nails at all but for giving skin a pearlescent shimmer. Perfect for parties!

I’m pretty excited to try all these quality Birchbox products and can’t wait for my complimentary box next month. To get your own use my referral code here:



I bought these OROGOLD products 6 months ago. It was October and we were celebrating something at the end of the work day so I had had some drinks. For some reason I decided to go shopping afterwards at Yonge & Bloor. The sales lady outside the OROGOLD shop handed me a sample and I took it. Before I knew it, I was taken into the store and offered a demonstration. I was there for at least 30 minutes and I really needed to pee so I told her no thank you to the price she offered. Then she gave me a final offer of $60 for the 24k Deep Peeling Mask and Renewal Night cream so I said FINE. Whatever. I just really wanted to leave and pee. According to the prices on their official site, I actually got a decent deal.

I’ve been using the products twice a week for 6 months now so I’ll give you an honest review despite their semi-annoying sales tactics.

Both products came in little spheres in a fancy box with a certificate of authenticity. They definitely looked like they were luxury products.


The 24K Deep Peeling mask had the consistency of glue with little gold flakes. To be honest, I don’t really know the advantage of having gold in facial products but it looks nice. I used it mostly in my T-zone, and around my lips. It did a good job of rubbing off dead skin and my face did feel smooth immediately after. The trick is to leave it on for 45secs-1 min before rubbing it off. The sales lady recommended I only use this once a week, but I decided to use it twice a week and it seems fine. I think any more would probably dry your skin though.


Each time I used the peeling mask, I would immediately follow with the night cream. On the box it says you can use this every day but I also have other products at my disposal and did not want to waste this pricey cream. It also had gold flakes and a smell that was faint and not too strong.

After each OROGOLD routine, my skin did feel softer and smoother but it wouldn’t last more than a day or two which is why I decided to use it twice a week. Another thing I have noticed is that I used to have occasional breakouts but have experienced a lot less since using this. I can’t if it was OROGOLD or a combination of different products though.

Would I recommend this? While I like the feeling of my skin after the peel, I don’t know if I would purchase again at regular price. I would also stay away from the store as the sales people are way too aggressive!

My First Ipsy Glam Bag


I finally received my first ipsy glam bag. It’s like the competitor of Birchbox that is affiliated with make up guru Michelle Phan. The service is only $10 a month (but since I’m in Canada it is around $20). Unlike Birchbox, many of the items are full size or bigger samples.


It arrived in a hot pink envelope that certainly good not be missed.


Each month the products also come with a mini make up bag. The March theme was Floral Fantasy so the floral printed bag was fitting.


The first item was this Pixi by Petra mineral eyeshadow duo.


Next was this Glow Oil Treatment to get shiny and hydrated hair.

IMG_1375This NYX butter lipstick in POPS EXPLOSIF came in full size ($7.99).


I forgot to take a photo of it but I also got a full-sized Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter ($18).


Lastly, there was an Oval concealer brush from Crown Brush ($6).

People like to compare ipsy and Birchbox but I find that they are two very different services. Ipsy provides bigger sizes and great value, but I find that Birchbox delivers higher end products that you can try before you spend money on the full sized costly products. It’s really up to you to decide which service you like better.

Use my referral link: to earn a extra 200 points towards free products when you sign up!


Tony Moly Appletox Honey Cream

As you know, I’ve been obsessed with the Tony Moly store recently because of their adorable packaging and affordable prices. I recently picked up this moisturiser which came in a container shaped as an apple. It doesn’t have much branding on the outside or much information other than a sticker in Korean at the bottom.

IMG_6819Inside, the cover of the cream did say Tony Moly. It also came with a tiny spatula to prevent contamination of the product by dirty fingers.

IMG_6821The cream itself was yellow, and had a fresh apple smell, which I really enjoy. Upon doing some research, I found out it’s an AHA moisturiser, meaning it also exfoliates the skin. At the time of purchase, I had a giant pimple, but now it is gone and no new ones have appeared since using this product. It does a lovely job of keeping my skin smooth and minimalising wrinkles. A little goes a long way with this cream. I usually just dip the spatula (without scooping) and use what it catches for my face. It will probably last me for a couple of months even if I use it every day.

What other cute cosmetic products do you guys have in your collection? I’d love to know!

Makeup Challenge Fail

I have already stopped doing the makeup challenge and it isn’t the end of the month. I think it was really unrealistic to do it in March since it’s so busy. I don’t want something that is supposed to be fun to be a chore. I do use the eye shadows every day but it’s hard to be creative at 6am in the morning. So instead of posting a new look every day, I’ll post one once in a while that highlights some neat techniques and colours. For now, here is a random picture of my dog smiling to make things all better:


30 Day Challenge: March Edition- A Look A Day

I conquered last month’s challenge of not having a drop of coffee. Today I completely forgot that I could finally have a cup. I don’t think I plan on jumping back into habit just yet. Perhaps my mind will change next week when I have work engagements which will need me up in the morning. But anyway, it’s a new month so time for another challenge.

This is only part of it

I think it’s time for something artistic. I realized while doing my video album reviews that it’s pretty fun to play with make up. I also realized, I have way too much makeup. When I was in university I was addicted to buying set after set of eye-shadow. Often they came with blushes, lip glosses and eye liners too. I have hundreds of colours at hand so this month I decided.. I will create a different look a day.