Racinne Delicare Perfection

I received this Racinne Delicare¬†Perfection mask box from a swag bag Nash got me from work. I’ve never heard of the brand but upon research, it’s another Korean skincare brand. I’m not Korean but they always have the nicest skin, so I’m always curious about their products.

These masks are primarily for dry skin. It can be worn and washed off in 15 minutes or as an overnight mask. Each portioned packet had a lot. I almost contemplated splitting it into two sessions, but I don’t need to be stingy on masks (I have tons).

It did leave my skin feeling moisturized after spending too much time in a warm shower. It also had a cold calming effect. It’s not as simple as a wearable mask, but I like that you can spread the product to all the right areas. I got lucky on this swag item!