Unplugged For A Day

With a view like this. Who needs the internet?

As my previous post mentioned, I went to my uncle’s cottage last weekend. It was 3-4 hours up north, and a boat ride across the lake. I was surrounded by nature and 3G was sparse.

I previously wrote a post, Could You Give Up the Internet for $50 million? where I admitted that I could not give it up. However this weekend unplugged for a day I learned that I was able to (at least for a day). I also realized that there were benefits to it. It was stress-relieving. I didn’t need to constantly check my e-mail, think of what to tweet or give a damn about what my friends were posting on Facebook. I didn’t even have the urge to instagram photos of our BBQ’d food.

Instead I taught Teddy how to swim, went hiking and took some breath taking photos of my surroundings. The only time I did use my 3G was to download Sky Map, an app that names all the constellations in the night sky.

Though I will probably not quit social media or the internet, sometimes I wonder how much of the real world we’re missing as we sit in front of blinking screens.

It’s a big and beautiful world out there.


That Is Old News…

Yesterday we all learned the existence of Chadvil. An hour later I turned to Nash and said something along the lines of “WHY ON EARTH ARE PEOPLE STILL TALKING ABOUT THIS? IT’S OLD NEWS. WHY ARE THEY JUST FINDING OUT NOW?” Then he asked me how something from an hour ago is considered old news. It made me ponder.

Before social networks the phrase “That’s yesterday’s news” was still a thing. Now with Twitter and Facebook we are inundated with vast amounts of information, and we are able to find out about things almost instantly. It’s scary to think that maybe years from now an hour ago will be too slow. Imagine what our future kids would say. That’s 5 seconds ago’s news.

Whether it’s celebrity deaths, world news, the viral video, they’re instantly forgotten about as soon as they are posted. It also makes me wonder how fast actual news outlets have to be in order for them to survive. That’s a bit frightening.

Lessons I Have Learnt from Draw Something

Really horrible drawing I did of Elvis

If you don’t know already, Draw Something is the new mobile game sensation. It’s basically a set of Pictionary that you can play with your friends who have Apple and Android devices. I have been playing it for a couple of weeks now and through observation I have realized and learnt many things.

Celebrities are really hard to draw. I try my hardest not to use words when I am drawing clues. I think it’s cheating. However, when you get hit with a celebrity, it can become hard.

This is Drake, boyfriend didn't get it.
Name the first generic blonde person you can think of!

People draw people that look like themselves. Whenever the drawing requires the use of a person to describe something, they always seem to look like the person who drew the picture. I’m guilty of this too. My people always look like the doodles of me that I do on My Life In Drawings. Other people do this too though. My friends who have blonde hair draw blonde people. Those that have curly hair draw curly haired people. Even if it takes an extra step to do these things.

Guess the hair colour of the person that drew this.

It can be used as a genius marketing plan. Companies should insert their names into this game. Subliminal advertising after all. And hey, if your logo isn’t recognizable for anybody to want to draw it, maybe you should do something about that.

Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Was Awesome

Crappy iPhone photo

Last night I went to see an orchestra play music my favourite series of video games Final Fantasy. The tickets were a birthday present from my boyfriend. It’s one thing to hear the music in game, but it’s a completely different experience to see it all live. The composer Nobuo Uematsu was even in attendance.

random video of a similar performance

They have a different orchestra for every location they play in; probably because it’s not financially viable to fly 70 people everywhere. It was conducted by the famous Arnie Roth who conducts mostly video game concerts. How do I make that a real career? Video game footage synced perfectly with each piece they played and I’m pretty curious as to how they did it. It is an amazing spectacle. I should have taken a camera, but I am really glad I didn’t because I wasn’t distracted by anything while I was taking it all in.

They played all my favourite songs (even the Chocobo theme) and ended with an epic singalong to SE-PHI-ROTH. It was one of my favourite nights in a long time!

Side note: My back tattoo seems to match the Distance Worlds logo.. sort of.

Surviving Music Festivals

Random photo of me and Montreal's Honheehonhee

Canadian Music Week was keeping me busy last week, hence the lack of blog posts. This year, I didn’t want to bother any of my Toronto friends with crashing on their couches so I commuted back and forth. I was kind of like Cinderella, disappearing to catch the last bus at 1:20am. I’m pretty exhausted but here is how I survived the past week.

Things I Learned So Far From Video Blogging

On my music blog I started making video album reviews. It was definitely something that I had my doubts of doing because of some great fear of not being liked or that people would make fun of me. It has only been a few weeks, but here are some things that I took away experience so far:

Move Aside Internet Cats

Cats have taken over the internet for too long. It’s time for dogs to take over. Let’s start with my bichon puppy Teddy. He just got neutered so there’s a cone stuck on his head for a bit. He’s his normal active self after a day and here’s a video of Teddy attempting to play with ball with a cone on his head.

Awesome Note for the iPad

If you’re a notebook addict like me, you might be interested in some of the options available for the iPad. My favourite is Awesome Note by Bridsworks. It goes for $4.99 in the iTunes App Store, but it’s worth every penny.

There are a bunch of free options for notebooks available in the app store but the functions on this one aren’t really comparable. I love the colourful folders and themes available for each page. They are also constantly updating it with more features. There are different types of notes where you can add photos, text, send to friends, add links. There is a calendar where you can keep track of when you wrote what, or did what. And if you don’t want someone to read something, you can add a password-locked diary. It’s a fully functioning notebook that can probably replace all the notebooks a notebook addict has at home.

However, I still prefer to touch actual books.

We’ve Come A Long Way From Geocities

Yesterday I was on my Smartphone writing a blog post on my phone and I thought to myself, Man, we’ve come a long way from Geocities Page Builder.

Dude, I remember the existence of Netscape and Dial-Up internet. Now I have the EXTREME ULTIMATE whatever internet package from Rogers. Maximum speed, maximum bandwidth. Oh, and now, a smartphone and an iPad. What more can a girl addicted to the internet ask for?