So I ate a frozen burger…

I found frozen burgers on sale at my local grocery store. This might as well be a Dollarama review because they were $1 each. How could I not try it at least once?

I took it to work and I was slightly embarrassed to go in the kitchen and reveal this box and encounter the appalled faces of co-workers. Luckily, no one was there. I took my burger out of the freezer and opened one side of the plastic wrap as instructed, leaving the burger still in it. I stuck the burger in the microwave for one single minute.

Beep beep. I open the microwave. The aroma is familiar, a little hospital-like with a side of sadness. Well, sort of like McDonalds. The wrapper was a bit hot to hold so I grasped it with a paper towel. The cheese was melted and the meat a brownish colour. There was no tomato. I don’t know why there’s a photo of a tomato on the box.

The size of the burger was like a junior burger at any fast-food chain. If you like fast-food you might actually like this sub-par burger. I found it tasted a lot like a regular cheese burger at McDonalds, underwhelming with a weird sweetness to the bun. I ate the entire thing in like a minute because it was relatively small and unsatisfying.

What was I thinking? Why did I buy a frozen burger. Let alone 2 (yes there is a second still in the fridge).