Longform Journalism is Still Interesting

I read the most gripping news story last night and it was written by Buzzfeed.

As we morn the death of Gawker, it’s important to realize that journalism (especially alternative journalism) is still important. We’re living in a world where the person with the highest pocketbooks get to dictate the message.

The younger generations have created sites like Buzzfeed, Vice etc to share the important stories, while also monetizing the site effectively with memes and lists. Both have their share of cringe-worthy posts but they are also delivering pieces that wouldn’t have been written or discussed anywhere else in the same way. They’re asking the tough questions and challenging what is not being said elsewhere.

But still it’s scary that someone could maybe come along and decide their fate.

That Is Old News…

Yesterday we all learned the existence of Chadvil. An hour later I turned to Nash and said something along the lines of “WHY ON EARTH ARE PEOPLE STILL TALKING ABOUT THIS? IT’S OLD NEWS. WHY ARE THEY JUST FINDING OUT NOW?” Then he asked me how something from an hour ago is considered old news. It made me ponder.

Before social networks the phrase “That’s yesterday’s news” was still a thing. Now with Twitter and Facebook we are inundated with vast amounts of information, and we are able to find out about things almost instantly. It’s scary to think that maybe years from now an hour ago will be too slow. Imagine what our future kids would say. That’s 5 seconds ago’s news.

Whether it’s celebrity deaths, world news, the viral video, they’re instantly forgotten about as soon as they are posted. It also makes me wonder how fast actual news outlets have to be in order for them to survive. That’s a bit frightening.