Union Burger and the Magical Coke Machine

photo 3
I’m stuck in Mississauga this week house-sitting. I was watching an episode of Burger Wars and ended up with a gourmet burger craving. I then researched to see if there were places besides chains where I have already been (Five Guys, Big Smoke) and stumbled on Union Burger.
photo 2The place is on Living Arts Drive, right across from Square One Shopping Centre. The interior design of the place was modern and sleek.

photo 4I ordered the Peppercorn Goat Cheese Burger. It had cracked black pepper, caramelized onions, lettuce, BBQ sauce and of course goat cheese. I couldn’t really taste the pepper as the BBQ sauce was a little over powering.

photo 6I chose onion rings as my side. The breading texture reminded me of Burger King’s onion rings, but crunchier.

photo 1I finally had the opportunity to try one of the new Coca-Cola freestyle machines.

photo 5The machine allows you to mix and match your own soft drink flavour. I stuck with a classic vanilla coke. Maybe next time I’ll be more creative.

They’re not the best burgers in the world but Union Burger has some affordable and tastier alternatives to the fast food chains.

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10oz Burgers At the Purple Onion

The Purple Onion, located in the Junction neighborhood of Toronto is more known for it’s all-day breakfasts. However, I can’t seem to go to a new place and NOT try the burgers at least once. So I did and they were 10 oz.

I forgot the name of our burgers and their website doesn’t really name them but mine had onion rings, carmelized onions and mushrooms. Nash’s had bacon, carmelized onion and mushrooms. And did I mention the patty was 10oz? All for only $8.95. A great price for the amount of food.

The burger patty itself had pieces of onion in it that added moisture and flavour. It was a simple but decent burger. We’ll be frequenting the Junction a ton for the next little while, so we’ll be back to try their infamous breakfasts in the nearby future.

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