Amazon Art Supplies


I picked up new drawing pencils so that I could draw something to colour with my new pencil crayons. This set of 18 sketch pencils, 3 charcoal pencils, 3 paper erasable pens, 1 pencil extender, 1 craft knife, 1 eraser, and 1 plastic rubber cost only $18. It’s a steal compared to what you’d find at a store.


I also bought some colourless blenders that make pencil crayons look super smooth. I also got a sketchbook that I didn’t realize was teeny tiny! Oops, I guess that’s the downside of shopping online is that I have to closely read all the specs before buying.

Things I Didn’t Purchase Last Month

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 5.55.41 PM
Last month I spent 31 days not buying anything online. In doing this, I saved a lot of money. Here is a record of some of the useless things that I would’ve purchased if it weren’t for this challenge. These are not a joke:

A hoodie built for napping

Lego Minifigures with my face on them

Dog pants

A hoodie with earbuds in it

Advanced Lunchbox

• Copious amounts of cosmetic sets

• A fancy office chair

• Compulsively bought a replacement Kindle for my broken Kobo (but thankfully I went to the Apple Store the next day and got an iPad)

Keyboard Waffle Iron

Cake Earrings

Hotline Blingin’

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This is so 2015 #hotlinebling #drake

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I ordered this Hotline Bling sweater from The Yetee during their Black Friday reprint. This is so 2015 but now I feel like a true Torontonian.

The downside to shopping online

 I’m a total addict to shopping online. It’s so convenient to pick up everything you need at one location (the post office).

The downside is that you don’t always get what you expect. For example, I thought I ordered myself a cutlery rack for my dishwasher only to find out that this wasn’t what it was for at all! I did however get some entertainment value out of the packaging.

I still try to use it for cutlery. 

Adorable Shirts from TeeTurtle


Ok, I admit I clicked on a Facebook ad. It led me to TeeTurtle, a site that sells cute, nerdy T-shirts! I ordered two as a test for $12 each, which is a decent price for original prints. My order came in an adorably packaged envelope with the site mascot. Wouldn’t you be so excited if you saw this in the mail?


The first shirt was this “Pokermon” T-shirt. Get it?


It’s such a corny joke but look how adorable they all are.


My second choice was a more girl power print with a bunch of princesses gossiping by a fire. I think Sleeping Beauty is my favourite part of this.


This one looks a bit looser because I accidentally ordered a “standard T-shirt” instead of a Women’s T-shirt, which are usually cut differently. That’s okay though! I love this print so much.

The prints are vivid and great quality. The fabric is comfy and soft. It also arrived sooner than I thought, since the shipping wasn’t very expensive (around $2).  I’ll definitely be browsing the site for more cute tees soon.

12 Days of Holiday Bullshit by Cards Against Humanity

Uh, I totally signed up for this. As you learned from being a Loot Crate subscriber, I’m a sucker when it comes to receiving mysterious junk in the mail. Well, the makers of Cards Against Humanity will send you 12 presents for $12 ($22 if you live in Canada). There are only a limited number of slots left and as I write this, only 5327. You can sign up at 12 Days of Holiday Bullshit. Don’t worry, I’ll be documenting my gifts.


Loot Crate: June Edition

IMG_9189The July Lootcrate is almost on its way but I didn’t have time to talk about the June one until now. June’s theme was “mashup”; the joining of two separate ideas.

IMG_9184IMG_9176My favourite item in June’s crate are these 8-Bit sunglasses. Mine came in Loot Crate’s orange and black colours but apparently some people got plain black ones in their crates. They are also selling pink and white ones in their gift shop. I’m super tempted to grab a pair of those too.

IMG_3460This sticker Harebrained shows two classic characters helping each other out.

IMG_3457It’s a pen. No, it’s a stylus. Wait, it’s both. The 2 in 1 pen from Bic is a smooth ball point pen and stylus in one. I hope I don’t actually use the wrong side on my iPad.

IMG_3461I haven’t decided what I want to use these sticker anagrams for. What would you make? My imagination can only think of boats.

IMG_3462Loot Crate got mashed into this a robot on this sticker from Danger Brain, a really cool company that makes logos.

IMG_3469I was so excited that this crate had a T-shirt which was totally worth the price of the box. The design (from Graphic Lab) mashes up antihero Deadpool with Kool-aid to make DEADPOOL-AID.

IMG_3459Lastly, there was a golden ticket for Stan Lee’s Comikaze. It’s a coupon where you have a chance to win admission or a percentage off. Personally, I don’t have much use for the item but I think they just added it as a bonus in the crate.

Though there were a lot of stickers in this month’s edition, the T-shirt and the sunglasses more than made up for the price! Next month’s theme is VARSITY. If you’re interested in subscribing use the referral link below:

Happy looting!