More Origramis for My Desk


I ordered another round of Origrami Square prints. They are the same kind as last time with maps and original Instagram comments on the back.


I chose this time to print more photos with friends on them to physically treasure memories and to provide inspiration at my work desk.

Tada! I’m very happy to have some fantastic ladies in my life and thought I’d remind myself that with some photos.

Prints from Origrami


As much as I love the ease of digital photography, I still love the feeling of holding a photograph so I printed some of my Instagram photos through Australian site, Origrami.


They were delivered rather quickly by mail (considering I live in Canada). The photos came in an adorable camera shaped box with a branded tag inside.


I ordered the Squareprintswhich were $22.95 AUD for 36 photos. The back of the photos had either a map (if a location was tagged) or a colourful camera logo along with your Instagram likes and comments. I really loved that idea as a backside since it provided a way to make my digital memories analog!