Photoset: Irresistible Smile

I haven’t uploaded a photo-set in a while. The weather here has been amazing and we let Teddy run around the yard. He loves it as you can tell by the expression on his face. I bet you it’s hard to look at these photos without smiling.

What Will I Look Like When I’m Old?

I blame curiosity on this post. Like most people, when I came across Aging Booth in the App Store, I was well curious. What would I look like as an old lady? Well the answer is this..

The one asian stereotype that I hope I do fall under is that I will look 20 forever and the above photo does not happen.

Photoset: Heart Potato

Maybe love is in the air because it’s almost Valentines day, but I found this potato that looked like a heart while I was making chips. I decided to tell a mood story with a potato. It goes from rather light and happy looking to pretty dark.

Nerd Accessories: The iPhone Mirror

I have developed a recent addiction for buying things that look like other things. The most being this compact mirror that looks like a replica of an iPhone.

Photoset: Turtle Turtle Turtle

Meet my turtles. I sort of refer to them as Pee and Poo. Perhaps I should rename them. Both of them are red-ear sliders that are around 4-5 years old. Testing out the new Canon 60D. I just love the unreadable expressions of turtles.