Saya @ The Drake 7/22/2017

I saw Spotify superstar Saya at The Drake on Thursday. Full review on Ride the Tempo! Shot the photos with my Fujifilm. I still use it just as much as my DSLR because it’s so handy if I’m out and about!

New Year New Camera!


I recently killed my Canon 60D showing a crazy Fucked Up show at The Silver Dollar. Luckily, during Boxing Day I ordered a new camera: The Canon 6D Mark IV. There was a bunch of extras that came with it including a tiny camera USB, CF card and bag.

I’ve been waiting years for it to come out so that I could upgrade to a full-frame camera with wifi.


I am still getting used to it but I can’t wait for all the new photo possibilities. This will be a powerful tool in my photo arsenal.

Hillside Photos: Sunday

Lastly, here are some favourites from Sunday at Hillside! You can view the full gallery here.

DSCF2137 IMG_7355 IMG_7473 IMG_7504

I’m Featured in Format!

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 8.13.47 PM

My friend Matt interviewed me for Format Magazine a while back and the story finally got published here. Some of my fellow concert photographers and weigh in on tips and tricks in the world of live music photography.

Photos: Tough Age, Century Palm, Germaphobes, Long Branch @ Monarch Tavern

I shot Tough Age, Century Palm, Germaphobes and Long Branch with my Fuji X100T on Saturday. Here are a few of my favourite shots. You can catch the rest here:

I’m In A Gallery Again!

For the next month a few of my photos are up at the Wavelength #ICYMI gallery at Markham House in Mirvish Village. Go check it out! It’s free. There are also a ton of other things going on in the space check out Wavelength’s website for more information.

I Developed Some Film Finally!

Two and a half years ago I bought The Konstruktor, a DIY plastic camera. It was super weird to shoot with as the viewfinder was on the top and there was no indicator that you were using too much or too little light. A lot of it was trial and error. I finally developed some of those photos and here are a few of my favourites:

64700005 64700024 64700027 64700028 64700031 64700032 64700048 64700061 64700071 64700076 64700079 64700082 64700083 64700084 64700085 64700086 64700087 64700088 64700091 64700099 64700102

What I learned was that film is a lot harder than it looks without all the digital meters to tell you things like lighting. This is fun though. I found taking photos with film were far more thoughtful, as I couldn’t take 200 photos of the same thing without going broke. There’s something beautiful and romantic about these analog shots.

Terre Bleu Lavender Farm

IMG_0045Yesterday, my parents and I visited Terre Bleu¬†Lavender farm near Milton. Unfortunately, a cold winter and late frost in May has stunted their growth so they weren’t as long and purple as they could have been.

IMG_0023What did grow was still a beautiful purple and spelt wonderful and relaxing. I took a tour of the facility and learnt a great deal about the healing properties of lavender.

IMG_9975The place has only been open to public for the past 2 years. A beautiful wooden shop acts as the main entrance.

IMG_9978There were a few different types of lavender for different uses, cooking, oil production etc. It takes many rows of lavender in order to create a few millilitres of oil, which explains why pure oil is so expensive!

IMG_0107They also had their own bee hives, which were seeing a decrease in bees due to spraying of pesticides. Terre bleu produces it’s own pure lavender honey.

DSCF2244After the tour ended, we had some lavender ice cream from the shop. It was delicious!


IMG_0015Teddy loved the smell of the fields.

Here are some more random photos and selfies.




Photos: 85mm Teddy


Tested my new Canon 85mm 1.2 on the dog. Wide open aperture is hard to get used to on a moving subject. Despite these photos, he does’t really stay still!















Photos: Toronto Island

Toronto Island
I’ve been too busy to blog lately but here are a few random photos I took last weekend at the Toronto Islands.
Toronto Island