Dear Pinterest, You Used to Be Cool

I remembered when Pinterest was beta and it was like an exclusive club where recipes and ideas were shared visually. I loved it. It was a place to look for inspiration when it came to food, crafts, fashion and decorations. Now it almost seems nothing more than another place where people can advertise.

DIY Valentines: Pinterest Inspired

Me and my boyfriend didn’t really want to make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day, especially since we’re still both in job hunt mode. I decided to look to Pinterest for some DIY card designs. Here is the front of the card I made:

Text says: "I hope you'll always be there to eat my green Skittles"

The paper heart was inspired by this love note pin. The skittles represent a chapter in the beginning of our relationship. Before we dated, when we had just started talking, I was eating a pack of Skittles and told him I hated the green ones. I also blurted out that I would love the boy who would eat my green Skittles. He told me he liked green Skittles. It’s funny because we had not even thought of each other as date-able material at that point but it’s one of our first memories as friends.

Cheeseburger Soup Trial!

I was intrigued by this Cheeseburger Soup Recipe I had found through Pinterest so I decided to try it this weekend with my boyfriend.

It was pretty delicious. The soup tasted like a variation of cream of potato (well it is a variation), but it left you with an aftertaste of a cheeseburger. The concept was interesting. We didn’t follow all the ingredients exactly, but it still turned out tasty.

We pretty much doubled some of the recommended ingredients including the beef. We also used slightly more potato, cheese and sour cream. The cheese we used was not Velveeta, we opted to use a real block of mild cheddar. I didn’t have any celery and carrots in the house so we did without those.

My little sister is a picky eater at times but she had multiple bowls of it! It’s a definite must try if you are as fascinated by it as I was. Next time I’d definitely add some bacon. Bacon Cheeseburger Soup sounds even better does it not?

Pinterest: Tasty Visual Addiction

I’ve recently become quite addicted to the visual pleasures that make up new social networking site Pinterest. You might ask.. “WTF.. isn’t it just like Tumblr?”. The truth is, it’s not.