Pizza Party at Superpoint

Recently, I had a work dinner at hip pizza joint, Superpoint. We did a set menu that featured something called a Pizza Party where pies kept coming.

To start, we had a fried rice ball with red sauce and cheese.

The garlic bread was heavenly, it was hard not to fill up on it.

There was a radicchio, escarole, and greens salad that had grated pecorino cheese and a light vinaigrette. We found it a tiny bit too peppery.

Their Caesar salad, however, was rather irresistible and everyone was quite a fan of the hickory sticks on top.

Their cocktail menu was extensive and this zombie-named drink had a flaming lime in it.

Our pizza party began with a Pepperoni pizza. Their pizzas had thin crusts, so it made it easier to try multiple.

The kale and mushroom pizza with white sauce provided a different flavour pallette between white sauces.

My favourite was the pie with bacon, pineapple, peppers and onions.

There was also a radicchio and gorgonzola pizza with white sauce. My photo is terrible, but the pizza was not!

Dessert was delicious fried donuts with a side of custard sauce.

I enjoyed our pizza party dinner and the back room is also a cool place to host a large group.
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Kracie Pizza Kit

I haven’t done one of these weird candy kit things in a while, and I just couldn’t resist the Pizza one.

This one had many different powder packages, as well as instructions to cut out the designs on the plastic wrap to use as fun pizza boxes and accessories.

My result was not as pretty as the perfectly round ones on the box! The pizza and fries were baked in the microwave for a short amount of time. It allowed the “cheese” to melt and dough to harden a bit.

This one was equally as bizarre as the Mini Burger set. I made a veggie pizza and one that had something that tasted like meat. The “vegetables” on the pizza was a colourful bag of dots that tasted like vegetable chips. The fries tasted like fries. The drink was a fizzy grape drink. The pizza sauce and cheese, did taste real too, with a hint of sweetness. It was all very strange. These are always funnier to make than they are to eat!

Wonton Pizza Pockets


Holiday potlucks are where I bring my Pinterest boards to life. I found an easy recipe for some Pizza Muffins from The Recipe Rebel and tested it out!


This recipe doesn’t require too many ingredients. I picked up a fancy jar of salsa, pepperoni, mozzarella, peppers and wonton wrappers. You can substitute the cheese, meat and vegetables for anything you want. Wonton wrappers are easy to find in the frozen section of an Asian grocery store and some Loblaws.


The sauce, vegetables and meat are mixed together in a bowl. Everything needs to be cut up into tiny pieces or there will be some chunky bites and be hard to fill.

In an oiled muffin pan, one wonton wrapper is laid at the bottom of each hole. Then a layer of sauce. Then another wonton wrapper in a different angle. And then another layer of sauce. It is then topped off with cheese and then baked in the oven at 350 degrees Farenheit.

The recipe I used said 15 minutes was enough but I found my wontons weren’t crunchy when I took it out, so I left them in for 20 minutes.

They are best served fresh out of the oven but do reheat ok the next day. It just won’t be as crunchy!

These are so easy it makes the best pizza snack because who doesn’t like pizza!


Pizza Date @ Roma 1090


Last night, we stopped by an Italian restaurant I had not been in nearby called Roma 1090. One pizza was enough for both of us. We ordered the Calabrese pizza which was calabrese sausage, onion and hot peppers. The waitress also gave us a bottle of hot sauce which we happily dipped our pizza in. It was full of heat but the flavour was addictive.

The pizza was cooked in a wood fire oven and was relatively thin. The sausage had a distinct sweetness to it and went well with the hot peppers and onions.

The menu also has other Italian classics like pasta, mussels, risotto. It’s a little bit of the old world in a neighbourhood surrounded by hip new age places.

It was a warm sunny day and I was happy to spend it discovering the neighbourhood with this dude:


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Don’t Put Pizza in The Microwave For Too Long

Today I brought two pieces of leftover pizza to work for lunch. I reheated and stupidly pressed 2 minutes for some reason. When the microwave beeped, I came back to two pieces of charcoal. What a sad Monday. Lesson learned: don’t reheat pizza for too long. Thank god I did not set the building on fire!

Anyways to counteract my sad pizza day here is me surrounded by a lot of pizza:

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#PieTunes at Fred’s Red Tomato


On Wednesday, I went to Pie Tunes, an event at The Red Tomato where we were invited to sample pizzas. We’ve been patrons here before for their set dinners but we’ve never tried the pizza. It’s a small space below Fred’s not here, with the same owners (yes, a guy named Fred does exist). We arrived a little later than the 5pm start time and by then, there were no more seats so we stood awkwardly at a standing table. The bloggers who happened to be seated at tables I found were served more than us and generally treated with more care and attention. For a little while we didn’t know what was going on or if we were just in the wrong place.

Finally we were offered a slice of the Spinach and Artichoke pizza with brûlée ricotta cheese and walnut pesto (pictured above). It was a deliciously light combination.


Next was the Hangover Cure which had soppresata, tomato, olives, double smoked bacon, mozzarella, grana padano, chillies and topped with a fried egg on each piece. It was truly a hangover cure!


There wasn’t a cocktail menu so I asked our server what was the recommendation and he said a sangria. You can’t go wrong with sangria right? This particular one was a tropical flavour with pineapple and banana.


Excuse the horrible photo but this was a slice of Smoked Chicken pizza before I got impatient and ate it before taking a photo! It was a delicious combination of chicken, chipotle bbq sauce, and peppers, some of which were a spicey!


I think my favourite of the pieces I tried was the Pork Belly. Fatty pork belly pieces (yum!) were lightened by white sauce, radicchio and onion.

We spent an hour there listening to the music and wondering if most of the pizzas would ever make it’s way to us. We watched the bloggers at tables get served twice as many as us or the others at standing tables and the bar.  I don’t know if they were people more important or whatever, but we were invited (plus influencers too!) and I thought that all invited guests should’ve be treated with the same respect. We left after the fourth piece because we were stuffed and didn’t want to wait forever to try something else. The pizzas were really good but I felt that the event would’ve benefited from being split into multiple nights where everyone was equally served.

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Pizza Socks

I’d say I pretty much won Yankee Swap this year because I ended up with these fabulous Pizza socks from Living Royal.

Don’t they look delicious enough to eat?

Gluten Free Pizza @ Strada 241

photo 2
A lunch date with my boss landed us at Strada 241, a fancy looking place close to China Town. The menu was very Italian and I had to Google a few things to make sure I knew what it was. We ordered the Gianpolo Pizza which was supposed to have a wild boar, but the person I was with didn’t eat pork so we asked if they could leave it off. Substitutions were not allowed but we were allowed to leave ingredients off. The result of our order was a gluten free pizza with spinach and mushroom. I’m not a health conscious person, but I actually enjoyed the gluten free pizza. It did not break apart or taste weird.

photo 1We also shared this cured salmon salad with fennel, onions, peppers and more. It was very fresh tasting and I think I may have enjoyed this more than the pizza.

I think I may come back later with Nash so we can order the more meaty (and less healthy) looking items on the menu! I’ll be back with an update later.

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