Playdohmon Favs

I forgot about making Playdoh Pokemon for a little while but Pokemon Go made me fall in love with the franchise all over again so I’ve been making them again over on my Tumblr. Here are some more of my favourites.

Favourite Playdoh Pokemon So Far

As you know, I started making Playdoh Pokemon and posting them on Tumblr as well as Instagram. Here are a few of my favourites so far!

Who’s your favourite Pokemon? I’ll add it in my list of to-dos next!

Playdoh Pokemon!


For my anniversary present, Nash bought me a pack of 36 Play-Doh! I love Play-Doh but I didn’t have it around as a kid because my mom thought it was too messy.


The 36 colours lend to tons of possibilities so I thought what better way to use them than to try and make as many Pokemon as I can?


I started with my favourite of course…. Pikachu!

These are the colours I used for him!

I decided to make a Tumblr page to journal all our Pokemon Playdoh creations so far! You can find it at: