New Pokemon Gym Update

I love the new Pokemon gym update. They now function as Pok├ęstops, have a new battle and reward system. In addition, this new thing called “raids” happen at them occasionally.

I’m more motivated to play the game actively again and to go on more walks. Time to go catch ’em all.

I would walk 40km

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40km of walking later… #pokemongo

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I walked 40km to get this Raichu. Who is your Pokemon buddy?

I’m at Camp Wavelength!

I’m at Camp Wavelength this weekend! Follow my adventures on Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. I even found a Pokemon gym near there:


Writing At Coffee Shops

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Cold brew type of day

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I love writing at coffee shops. I have Fridays off so I’ve been taking some alone time to go to local spots and spend a few hours writing. I wish I could do it more. I’m often less motivated to go out after work to go sit and write (do more work).

Weirdly, the past two days I’ve had a strange motivator: Pokemon Go. I’ve been hearing countless stories on how it’s been making people leave their houses more and I believe it. I’ve been looking for more and more coffee shops to go hit up, especially ones inside the city where Pokestops are everywhere.

I’m currently writing you this post from an Aroma Espresso. What are your favourite spots to write?

I Choose You Pikachu!

Are you playing Pokemon Go? So am I! I’m on team blue. To start, I chose Pikachu!

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Chose my first Pokemon ;) #pokemongo

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So far, this game has encouraged a lot of walking outside despite the hot weather. Gotta catch’em all!