Today I don’t want to post any pretty pictures. Today I am not sure how to feel. I am Canadian but the results of last night’s election will affect more than America. It affects the world.

It sends a message to those that aren’t white and male that they are not safe.

It tells the daughters of the future that no matter how qualified you are for a job, a man will always be ahead because he is a man. It tells them that their bodies are never safe. As a feminist I feel the pain of this defeat.

It allows those with hatred in their hearts for those that are different from them to have a louder voice. It will split us apart. I have  friends and family in the states and Mexico and I fear for their safety. It feels like my heart has been stabbed.

Today I do not want to hear “nothing will happen it will be ok”. If you find yourself comfortable saying this please check your privelage. There are some that will have to fight for “nothing” to happen to ourselves, our friends, our family.

Please be considerate with the fact that even if you are not in America your friends, colleagues could be emotionally affected.

I have so many feelings at the moment that I don’t know how to describe. I am sad and angry but at the same time I feel nothing. I feel like a zombie just going about the day. 

I had to write something about today because I thought it would be wrong to write nothing. 


We’re less than a week away from voting. How great would it be if we woke up on October 20th and Harper was no longer in power?
Don’t forget to vote on the 19th! I already did with advanced voting over the weekend. If everyone votes we can really have a better country on October 20th. Vote with your heart, not strategically. If everyone turns up to vote for who they believe in, I truly believe that Harper wouldn’t be in power.

Learn more about #ImagineOct20th.