Relationships in the Social Media Age

My best friend and I are both in somewhat new relationships and we have discussions on whether or not we should keep it private in the online world. I have to admit that I made things Facebook official with Nash the moment we started dating. The world knowing wasn’t a problem for us.

I think part of my desire to do this however stemmed from my past relationship with someone who was kind of deviant when it came to online activity. He would hide our relationship, flirt and cheat with girls he had met online. This is the negative aspect of relationships in the social media age. There are just terrible people out there. And the internet only makes cheating easier.

My best friend decided to not make her relationship Facebook Official and she was right to do so. It should be a private affair between two people, and the world doesn’t necessarily need to know, only those you both wish to tell. In addition, If you have any doubt of trust in someone, than you shouldn’t be together in the first place. The people who will cheat online would cheat in real life too.

Everyone doesn’t need to know the second you date, or end a relationship. We all know those people who change their statuses way too often for attention. It’s all personal preference, but not a necessity to decide to make things public.

The more I think about it now, I trust Nash with all my heart and although we’re both highly active in our own online outlets, I know I have nothing to worry about. Whether or not the world knows, shouldn’t affect us either way. We know how important we are to one another.

How do you feel about social media’s effect on relationships? I’d love to hear your stories.

Don’t Let a Blog Tell You What to Think

It’s obvious that everything said on the internet has to be read with a grain of salt. Whether it be what music marketing method works for you or what cure WebMD has for your current illness.

Lately I’ve watched my friends obsess over the growing phenomenon that is Thought Catalog. On my first time hearing the name of the site, my first instinct was that it was a place that provoked thoughts in a good way. However, upon actually browsing the site I realized that it feeds the same dribble that teen magazines are made up of. The majority of it is articles on relationships and how not to feel sorry for yourself that you are single. Maybe I can’t relate because I am in a happy relationship, but the worst part of all this is my single friends follow it like it’s their religion.

My Best Friends Are Weirdos

Whether it is because we’re all a bit socially awkward together or because we can spontaneously start an interpretive dance party (as seen above), my best friends are always people that I wouldn’t classify as normal. I love people that are passionate about the most random things, whether it’s fish or Roman History or beating all the levels in Golden Eye. I love that they don’t let anybody else dictate what they should be or what they should like. It’s these weirdos I feel most comfortable around because I know they won’t judge me for being a weirdo also. Hey, I’m practically a boy stuck in a cute asian girl body, loves video games, Spike TV, food and watch my fair share of Jays games. I spent way too much time listening to music. I also am a little bit addicted (at least that’s all I’ll admit), to social networking and blogging. Hell, I’m blogging to you guys on a Saturday night.