Relaxing is different for everyone…

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This is not actually that relaxing #enchantedforest

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I don’t know about you but I do not find colouring relaxing. I get too worked up in choosing what types of markers or pencil crayons I should use, the patterns of colours, the right pressure. There’s too many things to think about! It’s never just colouring. I still love it but not my idea of relaxing.

What works for you?

Happiness and the Importance of Relaxation

I’m a crazy anxious person who usually can’t sit still without thinking of what productive-seeming thing I should be doing. Writing, creating, reading, cooking, cleaning etc. It’s super hard for me to just sit down to watch Netflix and nothing else. Even then, I’m checking my e-mails on my iPad or editing photos at the same time.

However, lately we’ve been hooked on Making a Murderer and now I’m glued to the screen and have to concentrate on every little detail. I guess the trick to relaxing is finding the perfect distraction.

Comfy at Home


Lately, I’ve been loving any time that I can spend home in my apartment. My summer’s been so crazy busy with events that any time at home is so relaxing. I’ve also been consciously trying to spend less time on screens while not at work. Of course I’ve still been blogging but I’ve also been finding hobbies that solely take place offline like building things out of Lego or Playdoh. It’s amazing how relaxing both these things are when you get into it. You don’t have to think much but about the project at hand.

It’s a great way to also to encourage my other art projects again. I do still wish I drew/painted/doodled more and I do want to make my way to those eventually. It’s shocking how much time you do have to do things when you spend less of it staring into (space) a screen.

Taking a Breather

Photo by Kate Killet
Photo by Kate Killet

I had a hectic weekend of photographing a music festival. Look out for a post on the Food Trucks there soon! Tonight I decided to take a break from photo editing/writing and have a board game night with friends. With all the hectic things coming up, it’s nice to do something different to clear my head!