New Year Promises


This year instead of a list of concrete goals or resolutions, I decided to make a list of actions/promises instead. I think as a result of these, I’ll end up achieving all the things I want to be doing (art, reading, being social etc, finishing projects, taking risks).

1. Stop thinking about doing stuff and just do it. I often spend too much time wishing I was doing more drawing, writing or thinking about how I could improve so and so. I spent a lot of time thinking, time I could be spent taking action.

2. Spend more meaningful time online/offline. I want to be either fully connected or fully disconnected. That means when I’m online, I have a purpose for being there: blogging, tweeting, catching up on news, watching Netflix, not just spacing out in front of my computer for hours.

The same applies for being offline. I want to spend more time being in the moment, exploring hobbies, hanging out with friends and less time doing those things while still sitting in front of a glowing screen or on Facebook Chat/Twitter.

I want to spend less time being in limbo.

Adjusting my Photo Goal

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 8.33.16 PM

I had previously set a goal to take a photo a day for 2016 and upload in tookapic. I did this for approximately 47 days in a row and decided that this wasn’t the best challenge for me. I wasn’t proud of my output and it became a game of quantity over quality.

Taking a photo a day isn’t as easy as blogging. With blogging you can have a catalog of ideas that you write later. Taking a photo a day requires going out and doing stuff often and something that is unrealistic when I work 9-5. Sure, I could take photos of things on my commute and at home, but that becomes stale fast.

Instead, I decided to stop uploading to my tookapic account. I pledge instead to take more thoughtful photos when inspired. Where I upload them shouldn’t matter, plus that’s what this blog is for. That way I only have one daily goal (which is to remain blogging every day) and still have enough time in my day for relaxation and exploring all other creative avenues. I’ll still take my cameras everywhere I go. Taking a photo a day was starting to stress me out and create work that didn’t inspire me.

At first I considered stopping a failure of my resolution but in reality, it’s perfectly fine to adjust your resolutions to fit reality.

Spark Planning My Life

I added little tabs so I could keep track of months.

I love notebooks, but I’ve always been really bad with filling them in. I found a lot of planners didn’t guide life in a valuable way. Often they were full of schedules denoting what you are doing at every hour every day. The hours where you had nothing plan would just be a waste of half a sheet of paper. I gave up on purchasing daily planners for the past couple of years until I stumbled on and Kickstarted the Spark Planner for 2016.


It begins with defining a 2016 theme and having a space to brainstorm all the things I want to achieve this year. There’s even a space to mark the dates you make those achievements on the next page. I decided that my main theme for this year is to be Brave & Creative. I’m still defining some top goals but I jotted down some weird ones.


Along with your regular monthly calendars there is what is called a “Weekly Outlook”. I love this because you can plan your days without defining every single hour (a thing which I obviously hate). This gives you a general guideline of things you want done and is actually far more motivating. Plus, if you have nothing to write they make good doodle boxes.


There’s also a weekly goals page and space to reflect and celebrate. Occasionally there are also random reflection questions that you can answer in point form or write an essay if you really wanted to.

I’m super excited for this journal and know that it will help me be the best me that I can be in 2016!

30 Day Challenge: No Online Shopping


This may be a seemingly ridiculous and easy goal but my January challenge is to not buy anything online. December was an expensive month. I did a lot of Christmas, Boxing Day shopping online. I bought things I may not have needed because the holidays gave me an excuse to be impulsive. Holidays are also when online marketing for the strangest and most unnecessary stuff is at an all-time high.

This January I will keep all my shopping offline. It will allow me to save money because it’s harder to plan time to go to a store compared to clicking on a digital shopping cart. This will also encourage me to support brick and mortar local stores, which are the future of the local economy.

Stay tuned for more 2016 planning and resolutions!

This Year I Want To Blog More

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Happy New Year!

Every year, I seem to have a new opinion on the whole idea of New Years Resolutions. Last year, my new year resolution was to have none. And it was awesome. I wasn’t disappointed for breaking promises to myself. In fact, I had a pretty great year and finally achieved a few milestones that I’ve been struggling to reach for a few years.

I was finally employed (twice) and for the first time ever, moved out of my parent’s house. I travelled and attended my best friend’s wedding in PEI. I took on more collaborative projects and forced myself to leave the house and make new friends. I was truly really busy for the first time. This led to putting a lot of blog posts on the backburner. I have plenty of content in the queue that is my mind, but I just haven’t put the pen to paper (or I guess the fingers to the keyboard). My excuses were plenty. I’m too tired after work. I don’t have time. I could be watching more movies on Netflix. The problem is they were all stupid excuses. The more I pushed writing, the harder it was to get back into it.

That’s why for 2015. I want to blog more. Blog more here. Blog more on Ride the Tempo. I’ve already pushed myself to start over the holidays. As much as I can, I will blog everyday. Whether it is a photo blog , a drawing, or a piece of longform writing, I will hit the blue publish button and send something into the interwebs. It will encourage me to find time for a bit of time everyday to be creative.  Afterall, to improve at something is to do it every day and here on my personal blog, there are no boundaries.

Hi, people of 2015, you will be seeing much more of me.

My Resolution This Year is to Have None

In the past I’ve written so many post about resolutions and things like that but this year I am going to have none. I made the Vlog below to talk about why.

25 Things To Do Before I’m 25

I started this year with the idea that I would do 30 day challenges each month. I quickly realized that they were not for me. There are people out there that have lived fulfilling lives by challenging themselves every day for 30 days, with something different every month. However, in my active and busy life, it became more chore of a chore than a way to inspire and improve my way of life.

Instead I am making a list of goals and fun things to do before I turn 25. Me and my best friend value the word goals instead of resolutions because it sounds realistic and attainable. Here is my list of various learning experiences and adventures to go on before I turn 25:
in no particular order

  • Listen to all 1000 albums in the book, 1000 Recordings To Hear Before You Die by Tom Moon. What’s in this book ranges from things everybody knows to some really ethnic and obscure things.
  • Finish Wreck This Journal. I’m close to half-way done, but I really want to finish it so I can buy the rest of Keri Smith’s books!
  • Reunite with my best friend. She moved back home to New Brunswick when we graduated university. However I hope to visit her there or meet her halfway, perhaps at Osheaga!
  • Get to Level 25 in Prolobe Ear Training Program
  • Read 25 Books and blog about what I’ve learned from them
  • Finish the Google Adwords Certification Program
  • Redesign Ride the Tempo
  • Go on a burger inspired road trip. I just really want to visit the places they mention on the Food Network.
  • Do the CN Tower Skywalk. Anybody wanna go on a walk outside the CN tower with me?
  • Fill my dream journal and reflect on it.
  • Organize a show with artists featured on the music blog
  • Do something athletic. I have to admit that I’m the least active little person in the world.
  • Play 25 new songs on the piano
  • Interview 25 musicians 4 down 21 to go.
  • Get 250 subscribers on Youtube
  • Defeat 25 iOS games
  • Meet 25 new people
  • Eat 25 new things
  • Move to downtown Toronto. I miss the excitement of living downtown!
  • Buy a new wallet. I have had the same wallet since grade 9. It’s pretty broken and manly looking, but for some reason I have never been inclined to buy a new one.
  • Go to a casino. Don’t worry I know my limits! I just have never been to one.
  • Crochet something useful
  • Build an online portfolio site
  • Attempt to write a song
  • Do something inspired by somebody I don’t know This one is out in the open.

Resolutions are Stupid

Happy new year!

A new year is time to reflect on the year before; the trials, the happiness and the newly discovered. It’s a time to put behind certain things and start with a clean slate. For most of us, we make promises to ourselves, most of which we won’t keep in the form of resolutions. Many of these resolution’s often don’t make it to the end of the month.

This year, I’m not out to make these promises to myself.