Mexican Food @ Border MX

Last week, my sister and I hit up Border MX’s new location in Streetsville. There was a bachelorette party celebrating that night with a lot of fancy drinks so I had to order one of my own Bulldog.

To start we shared a ceviche tosta. The fish was fresh and flavourful on top a crunchy chip.

I also ordered some guacomole which was unfortunately too mushy. I like my guacomole thick. I felt like they over blended the avocado or something and it was a bit watery.

Their specialty was Baja Fish tacos which they claimed were the “Best in Mississauga”. While I thought the fish was nicely cooked, there was an off-putting bitter taste. We were trying to figure out what was bitter and I think it might’ve been the cabbage, like they cut too close to the stem. I was disappointed, as it definitely doesn’t live up to the name (unless they are the only Baja fish taco in Mississauga).

Overall, I don’t know if I would come back for the food, but it is a great place to have drinks!

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Brunch @ Laylow

A few weekends ago, we ended up at Laylow, kind of by accident. We were trying to get into somewhere else that ended up packed, so we strolled a few doors down to the former location of Me & Mine.

I had the Porchetta Eggs Benedict which was herb-roasted pulled porchetta on potato latkes, with two poached eggs, topped with gremolata and hollandaise. Served with salad. I liked the crunchy latkes as a replacement for toast.

Nash had the Breakfast Poutine: House-cured bacon, hand cut fries, two poached eggs, house-made marinated cheese curds, topped with gravy & hollandaise. The gravy had a strange acidity to it, but otherwise the rest of the dish was cooked perfectly.

Laylow is also a mini brewery that also serves other cool brews! Blanche de Chambly Witbier and Black River Orange Juice.

I welcome all the craft breweries and I hope to be back to try some of their own brews and dinner foods.

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Last week, I went to Fabbrica in North York with my team at work. It is one of Mark McEwan’s restaurants and located right across the McEwan grocery store in North York.

We started with some appetizers including some fries with truffle and grana padano cheese. They were so addictive! We also had some warm olives (which were some of the best I’ve had) and their signature meatballs. I forgot to take a photo of these because we ate them too fast.


To drink, I tried their Old Fashion. As you know, I like to try this on every menu. Theirs was made out of Bullet Bourbon, house made Heavnly Cream syrup and tiki bitters. They did this classic well.


As my main I ordered a strip steak salad with goat cheese, beats, and an apple pecan dressing. I loved the combination of flavours and textures and my steak was cooked to a beautiful medium rare (just how I like it).


For dessert, I had a Chocolate Torta, a mix between a sponge and a mousse cake that was so good I didn’t even offer a bite to anybody.

I highly recommend this place if you’re looking for a quality place to wine and dine!

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Kothur Indian Cuisine


Nash and I recently visited Kothur Indian Cusine’s Yonge Street location. As we waited for our meal we were treated to complimentary papadum and hot sauces.


I had the Lamb Saag which was boneless lamb cooked with onions, tomatoes and fresh pureed spinach. It was very flavourful and meaty.


Nash had the tangy Chicken Vindaloo.


We ate our food with garlic naan, treating it like a slice of pizza!


I couldn’t resist getting a Mango Lassi to have a break from spices. Our meal at Kothur was flavourful and pleasant! This is a great place to fulfill your Indian food craving.


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I Made My Boyfriend Eat Sushi @ Rikishi

photo 2In the years we’ve dated so far, I have never actually eaten sushi with Nash. He had always said he wasn’t a fan or that he didn’t particularly enjoy salmon in general. Anyways, for some reason he changed his mind and we ended up at Rikishi around Ossington Station. We found the menu endearing in the fact that there were many spelling errors including “Riquer” instead of liqueurs. Instead of Bento meals, we took the pricier route and ordered a bunch of small things.

We sampled two sushi rolls, the spicey salmon and spicy scallop (pictured above). Nash said he couldn’t taste the salmon (which I guess is a good thing since he doesn’t normally like it). Even when you dipped them in soy-sauce the scallop and salmon were battered enough that it was still crunchy.

photo 3We also ordered the fried squid which was lightly battered and not heavy at all. There was also a generous portion for the price.

photo 4Out of curiosity I asked for the “Seafood-foil-yaki” (yes the actual name), which was literally a piece of buttered shrimp, scallop, salmon, onions wrapped in foil. It was my least favourite of the dishes but I was curious as to what it was and it was quite literal to its name.

photo 5 I also got this raw octopus salad dish. It came in a sweet and sour dressing, much like the pickled carrots and radish that it included. Raw octopus is actually less fishy as you might expect.

photo 1 I had a mini glass of plum wine. It was sweeter than the ones I have tried in the past.

photoFor dessert, me and Nash had icecream. He had green tea and I opted for pumpkin out of curiosity as to what that would taste like. It was very sweet, a lot like custard but with a pumpkin-like texture. It actually be my new favourite flavour of icecream.

The bill was around $44. Considering we ordered from an A La Carte menu, with alcoholic drinks and dessert this was a fair price for a decent meal.

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Pour Boy Pub

Long island iced tea. Cheers!
Long island iced tea. Cheers!

Pour Boy was listed in The Grid’s Guide to Being Broke and Living Large. Doing cool things on a budget is certainly in our interests at the moment. It’s close to Nash’s but we never thought to look around the corner of Bloor and Manning. The decor is unique and isn’t really asian nor white, but the menu is a mix of both.
photo 2I ordered the Gnocchi with shrimp ($7). The waiter recommended the white sauce so I obliged. I wasn’t expecting much out of pub food, but this was actually flavourful and there was a generous amount of shrimp. To drink I had a Long Island Iced Tea ($6.50).

photo 3Nash ordered the Pour Boy burger which was pretty much a regular banquet burger. It was a bit on the oily side but he enjoyed it. They came with a choice of regular or sweet potato fries or a salad.

photo 4I don’t know why I never visited this place when I was in university. It’s such a cheap watering hole. A pitcher of Sangria is $17, so we couldn’t resist. Plus, cheers to the rest of summer right?
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Conquered the Bull

Me and the boyfriend decided to celebrate the end of two busy weeks by eating the epic signature No Bull Burger. I had been to No Bull a couple of times in the past few weeks since it was close to my internship. They had some great organic burgers and I was intrigued by the monster of a burger that consisted of grilled cheese sandwiches as buns. I decided against getting one for lunch while I was at work because I would probably not be able to move after. On Friday night, Me and Nash ordered one of these monster things each. In addition to grilled cheese it came with double patties, regular and peameal bacon and fried egg. It was a heart suicide mission and the servers even jokingly asked if we would like him to call the hospital. In addition to the aforementioned, you could add any of their available fresh toppings. On mine I added, lettuce, tomato, carmelized onions and sautéed mushrooms. It became a creation that looked like this:

3/4 of the way in I started to slow down but I pulled through and this was all that was left:

Despite our small frame, both of us managed to finish. I think I he’s the one.
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