3 Different Cultures @ The People’s Eatery

After a meetup, a couple friends and I hit up The People’s Eatery. It’s an interesting restaurant that has Jewish and Asian foods on the same menu. We opted to share a couple of dishes. In the picture above was the Indian Buffet Platter which had butter lamb, saag paneer, rice, pickled carrots, and more. I especially liked the lamb and paneer because they were very flavourful.


On the snack menu were these latkes with trout, sour cream and salmon roe. They were light and fresh.


Also from the snack menu were these sticky General Tso Fu which were a fun vegetarian take on General Tao Chicken.


The main star was the Peking Duck which was served “3 ways”. At first only what was in the above picture showed up so I was confused as to where the third duck preparation was. The lettuce wraps were lovely and I enjoyed their fried noodles. Their spin on traditional Peking Duck wraps were also interesting opting for pear instead of the traditional cucumber, carrot, onion mixture. Their “hoisin” sauce was also a little different, kind of like a black bean paste.


The miss on the “trio” was the consumé which was served separately. It reminded me of the soups my mom makes occasionally and tells me would heal my blood. This didn’t really float well with my non-Chinese friends because of it’s dark flavour.

Generally, I was quite pleased with the meal and it’s a perfect place to bring friends who are indecisive on what to eat. Here you can have a bit of different cultures!


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L’Oreal Paris Fibralogy Kit

Influenster recently sent me L’Oreal Paris Fibrology’s shampoo, conditioner and serum. The line uses filloxane, a patented ingredient that helps thicken hair. Beyond this, I don’t really know what it is. I tried Googling but it didn’t bring up much information.

IMG_1158 This is a photo of me when I first woke up in the morning. My hair was greasy, also it’s kind of thinning more and more as I was growing in age. Insert sadface.

I used everything as directed. I’m usually heavy-handed with shampoo since my hair is greasy but I found this particular needed less than usual to get my hair evenly soaped. The serum was applied after rinsing the shampoo and conditioner was added immediately after. All the products had a faint fresh smell. A little like clean babies.

Anyways here is a photo of me a few hours later after letting my hair air dry out side. I didn’t comb it or anything.


There’s a noticeable difference in smoothness, cleanliness and volume. It didn’t feel heavier even with the added volume. This is only after one use. The instructions say that after 5 uses there will be a more notable difference. I’m a fan of the line already. It is making my hair look super healthy with very little extra effort!

This product was complimentary thanks to Influenster. 

Dollarama Reviews: 3 in 1 Solar Robot Kit


Doesn’t this solar-powered kit look awesome? I couldn’t resist this kit for $3. It promised 3 robots in one: regular robot, tank, scorpion.


Inside the box, there was a set of instructions, stickers and the plastic moldings in blue and white. They were labelled with numbers so that you could tell what is what when following instructions.


The instructions were quite complicated. You actually had to build the robot first in order to even understand how to configure it to the rest of the robotic creatures. The solar power panel was attached to a motor and it worked well when not actually attached to anything. There were a lot of bits and pieces to put together.

Sometimes we looked at the instructions and had no idea what hole they were asking us to put things into. Other times pieces of plastic from the molding would just be in the way. It specifies that it is for age 10 and up but I’d be impressed to find a 10 year old who can get this thing working.


Nearly 2 hours later, this is what we ended up with. He was lopsided, and was too heavy for it’s own motor. Or maybe it was midnight and our lamps weren’t generating enough power for the panel. Either way we were left with one sad robot and decided never to touch it again.

You can watch our struggles on video here.

Dollarama Reviews: Style Me Up Chalkboard Nail Kit


Thanks everyone for all your support in my first Dollarama review. Today I am going to review this Style Me Up Chalkboard Nail Art thing. Like the Easyfeet, it is also a premium item for $3. If you hate reading, I also made a video of me trying this for real.

IMG_7635Anyways, doesn’t this look like a super fun thing to do when you are bored? Even when I’m in my 20s? At $3 it seems like a steal for black nail polish, 3 decorating markers and a top coat. They even give you a mini catalogue of all the other style me up nail kits and hair kits available.

IMG_7638When I opened the pink marker (after shaking it for a while), it did not look like there was any ink. I tapped on the table for a while and everything but it was definitely dry.

IMG_7640I found the exact same thing with the green marker. This was making me sad.

IMG_7639Lastly the blue marker had colour. When I pressed it to paper, it made blue markings! However, when I applied it on top of my black nail polish, it did absolutely nothing. The blue markings were not bright enough to show up on top of the black.

IMG_7637In the end, I was left with a matte black nail polish and a gooey top coat. This was definitely a Dollarama fail. The product either sucks, or the ones that they sell there are way past their due date.

FiiO X1 MP3 Player Review

A few months ago, I left my beloved iPod Classic on the subway. I then waited way too long to buy a new one and the classics were now discountinued. This left me with not much option in terms of iPods. Spending $300 for an iPod Touch didn’t seem to make much sense since I had an iPhone, while the lower ones lacked enough space to hold my entire library. I then turned to the internet to research affordable high-end mp3 players and concluded that my best choice would be the FiiO X1 player at $99.

I bought it in gold (silver is the other option). You can watch me unbox the thing here:

IMG_6254Inside the tiny packaging, there were a ton of accessories that I didn’t expect it to come with: 3 screen protectors (1 of which is already on the screen); a silicone case; 2 sets of decorational stickers. Oddly enough it does not come with earphones. You also have to purchase a micro-sd in order to use it as there is no internal storage. It supports cards up to 120GB.

IMG_7218The player looks a lot more expensive than it’s $99 price tag. There aren’t that many instructions that come with the machine, but it’s fairly easy to use. Here are two tips for future FiiO owners:

– You must go into the system settings and hit “Storage Formatting” on your new SD card if you wish to use your own SD card reader instead of the cable to transfer songs.
– Every time you transfer songs going to “Update Media Library” in the system settings is recommended as it refreshes all the album information. Otherwise, songs only shows up in the list of all your mp3s.

Besides the above, everything is basically drag and drop. You can drag your entire iTunes library (or whatever library you use) onto the SD card and leave all folders in tact. It plays FLAC, APE, ALAC, WAV, WMA, MP3, AAC and OGG files, with up to 192-kHz/24-bit resolution. I can definitely hear the sound difference. Everything is more crisp, clear and loud sounds don’t clip. I also hear a certain warmness of each artist’s recording setting that I didn’t pay much attention to before.

Album covers display, but only if they’ve been part of the original mp3 meta data. What this means is that if you did the “Get Album Artwork” thing in iTunes, it probably didn’t embed itself in the metadata, but elsewhere.

The battery lasts very long (12 hours I think) and the system preserves it well. The screen automatically turns off after a certain time and it also turns itself off. The buttons take time to learn but really once you understand how to hit enter (centre button) and go back (top right), the rest don’t really matter. $99 is totally a steal for this thing!

Junked Food Co: Where Your Strange Food Dreams Come True

Junked Food Co finally opened it’s doors for real last night. I tried to go to their soft opening last weekend but their power unfortunately ran out. However, we received free cake that night:

I happened to be at a show at The Garrison and Junked Food Co’s opening and last night hours (8pm-4am) was perfectly time. I headed over with a couple of friends who were intrigued when I told them about the restaurant’s crazy concepts. The menu is a treasure trove of crazy things from pizza made on literal pies, grilled cheese sandwiches with donuts, smash bags, cakes in cups and other weird combinations. My friend deemed it the food of “stone dreams”.

IMG_0615Anyways I ordered the 416 Deep Dish with added Pepperoni. It was literally a personal pizza done on top of flakey pie crust. A thick layer of tomato paste hid the pepperoni and cheese that was embedded inside. It was delicious but quite messy!

IMG_0614My friend ordered the Original Junkie waffle which had avocado, chicken, bacon, and veggies. I stole a bite and enjoyed the crunch the bacon added to the mix. He found the chicken a tad bit dry but still enjoyed it.

IMG_0613I didn’t order this but here’s a photo of the Poutine tater tots.

This is a perfect place for a late night after show/bar snack. If you’re going for a meal, I’d suggest you order more than one thing because one item may not be filling enough. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of things you’ll definitely want to try.

Dollarama Reviews: EasyFeet

IMG_6238I literally live right beside a Dollarama and it’s a goldmine. There are plenty of great products for decent prices. In fact, a lot of my kitchen is furnished by things from Dollarama. But it also holds treasure to some products that are quesitonable and downright weird.

When I first saw the EasyFeet on the shelves, I was very amused by the box and what it claims. Is washing your feet that hard? According to the original commercial, it sure is.

After much social media coaxing, I bought it. I wanted to know if this really did make washing my feet ay easier.


Despite people having two feet, there is only actually one EasyFeet in the box. There’s a reason for this though which I will explain later. The back of the product has a pedicure-like stone texture and the rest has tiny bristles. It definitely does not have 10,000 like the box says.


The Easyfeet is pretty big in size and could probably fit both my feet at the same time. The idea is that you adhere it to the bottom of the shower or your bathroom walls while you take a bath. There are little holes at the top for pouring soap, but they are a little counterproductive since you have to bend over to aim the soap. I mean, the whole point of this product is not bending over right?

Anyways, I have been using the EasyFeet for two days. The first day I almost slipped in the shower. When too much pressure is applied while pushing down on it, it will slip. This is probably why they don’t give you two or you’d be skating in your bathtub. It’s much safer to do one foot at a time.


The bristles are very ticklish, but gentle on the bottoms of your feet. They do look like they will wear down quickly though. My favourite part of the product is the pumice stone-like thing at the heel. It works great for peeling off dead skin on the heels.

Would I buy again? While it was at a discounted price at $3, I don’t think I would buy it again. The fact it moves around in the shower makes it a little less convenient than it should be. Plus, I don’t want to die.




Beautifully Presented Food @ The Beverley Hotel

Before the Christmas holidays, Zomato invited bloggers for a meet up at The Beverley Hotel. The place is small and has a really cozy feel. Chef Binh An and Sous Chef, Johnny D were very friendly and accommodating with people’s dietary restrictions.

food1Before and during dinner we were treated to a Christmas Mojito which had a festive pine garnish.

The first course was called Lovell Springs Trout. Trout was served with puff rice that added a lovely texture, cucumber, fennel, smoked grapes and pickled mustard seed. It was very fresh, light and flavourful. It was a little bit of a tease because I could’ve eaten a giant plate of this.

Next came the Confit Pheasant Leg with strawberry gastrique, green icicle radish and a pickled mushroom that I wish existed in jars I could take home. The salt of the pheasant balanced really nicely with the sweetness of the gastrique. Two courses in I was ready to keep licking the plates.

food5I love a good steak and man was the Wagyu Blade Steak a memorable one. It was served with charred veggies (which side note: I’m currently obsessed with making). Also on the plate was a delicate beet & truffle tortellini. Steak was enough to make me feel like I was in heaven, but everything else elevated it to a whole other world. The mashed potatos were buttery and had just the appropriate amount of horseradish. By the time I was finished, I was surprised I even had room for dessert.

food6 But if dinner was so damn good, dessert must be just as delectable right? And it was! We were treated to a Spiced Apple Cake with dark beer caramel, granola and classic vanilla icecream. The plate was appropriately licked.

I also decided to order this post-dinner drink that wasn’t on the plan for the night. I totally can’t remember what was in it besides rye and cinnamon. I just remember the warmth trickling down my throat and it felt perfect for the holidays.

Dining at the Beverley was definitely a treat for both the eyes and the taste buds!

This meal was complimentary thanks to Zomato & The Beverley Hotel. 
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I Bought This Beer Because It Has Robots

I had a party to attend this weekend so I trekked to the LCBO (it was -15 degrees Celcius so yes trek is the right word). I’m blessed that Toronto and has a great variety of specialty and craft beers and I decided it would be nice to try them all. I don’t drink that often, so I discover something new pretty much all the time.

This time, I settled for Hop City’s Hopbot IPA. How could I not? The packaging is so adorable. What I didn’t realize upon buying it was that it has a 7.1% IBA also that it has a bitterness rating of 70 IBU (which is more than I would have liked). I was also drinking the previously mentioned Chocolate Beer, so the bitterness was enhanced a bit when I drank one after the other. It does have interesting citrus notes. I wouldn’t recommend drinking it at a party that’s for sure. It’s more of a sit down and enjoy in the comfort of your own home while watching Netflix type thing. Going to do that now.

Sony MDR10RBT Hi-Resolution Wireless Headphones Review


Over on Ride the Tempo, I’m giving away a pair of Sony MDR10RBT Hi-Res wireless headphones and I also had the pleasure of being sent my very own pair to review.

The biggest surprise was that they fit comfortably on my giant head, a serious problem I’ve had with other headphones like Skullcandy. They Sony headphones are light and the ear pads are soft and comfy. The band is loose enough that it doesn’t add too much pressure to my head.

These were the first wireless headphones I’ve ever owned and I found them very easy to set up with my iPhone. The rechargeable battery lasts for up to 17 hours of continuous play, so it would probably last a normal person a week without charging. While Bluetooth is activated, there are also volume, track control and answer call buttons that can be used. Included in the box is a cord if wired play is desired. There’s also a microphone on the headphones for answering calls. They do take a while to charge though with a laptop. However, the USB end plugs into my iPhone/iPad blocks without problem.

Now to get to the sound! While wired or wireless, I found that the mid to high-end sounds were crisp and amazing. I also swear to god that the headphones sound a bit different now than when I first tested them on my laptop and iPhone. I think they have a burn-in period where it auto-adjusts how it sounds. The bass is just how I like it, but I could see EDM listeners thinking it’s not “booming” enough. However, these headphones react well to EQ adjustments, so for those who want a little more of certain levels than that is an option.

Design-wise these are sleek and like I previously mentioned, super light. They ear cups swivel so that they can easily fold into the included portable carrying case. I’ll definitely be putting these in my purse.

To learn more about the Sony MDR10RBT headphones head over here. Learn more about the Sony Hi-Res line at: http://store.sony.ca/hi-res-audio/cat-31-catid-All-Hi-Res-Audio. To win your own pair, head over to RTT now!