Partner, Big Budi Band w/ Aquakulture, The Highest Order + more @ SappyFest 8/6/2017

Last SappyFest post! Here are some of my favourite photos from Sunday. Full gallery is on Ride the Tempo.

Weaves, Lido Pimienta, Jon McKiel, Bernice + more @ SappyFest 8/5/2017

Here are some of my favourite shots from Saturday night at SappyFest! Find the full gallery here.

Daniel Romano, Teenanger, The Courtneys, Tough Age @ Sappyfest 8/4/2017

Catching up on my SappyFest posts. Here are a few of my favourites from Friday night. You can find the full gallery at Ride the Tempo.


Sappyfest Day 3 Photos

Lastly, you can find my Sappyfest Day 3 photos here and a few of my favourites below!

IMG_9031 IMG_9484 IMG_9638 IMG_9298

Sappyfest Day 2 Photos

Sappyfest day 2 had some of my favourite action packed sets. Find the full gallery here.

IMG_8550 IMG_8112 IMG_8301 IMG_8576 IMG_8872

Sappyfest Day 1 Photos

I’m still busy editing Sappyfest photos but my Day 1 set is up here. Check out some favourites from the day below!

IMG_7708 IMG_7824 IMG_7920 IMG_7968