SHANY Eyeliner


SHANY had a sale so along with the eyeshadows in my previous post, I picked up their set of 12 Gel Eyeliners.


The 12 colours are beautiful. There are some funky ones like orange and a pale green but I think they’d be great for doing some detailed artwork on the eyes (imagine leopard print eyelids).


The colours are super pigmented. It didn’t take much for these swatches on my arm. It is also smudge and waterproof so my eye artwork can stay on all day.

I’m excited to play with these and do some fun things!

SHANY Lipstick


As a daily browser of Amazon, I discover a lot of new brands I haven’t heard of before. One of these is Shany, the same company that I recent ordered makeup brushes from. The quality of those were amazing for the price so I looked at some other things on their line. I decided to order their set of 12 Slick & Shine Lipstick.


Inside the box there are 12 elegant black tubes with the lip stick colours. I love things with simple design and I think they did well in this area!


There are a variety of vivid colours. They are smooth and super easy to apply without doing anything else (I don’t really use liner). A few of the colours may be a little strange but life hack: lipstick can also be used to add colour to other places on your face (cheeks, eyes, dark circles etc). I’ll find uses for the colours I don’t use on my lips for sure.


There was this slightly weird envelope in my package encouraging a good review in return for more free product. Disclaimer: I didn’t do this and views are my own. The free gift (perfume, which I’m allergic to) wasn’t really worth it and I think they could get good reviews on their own!