The Face Shop 2016 Advent Calendar

Since it’s 2017 now, I got this 2016 Advent Calendar from The Face Shop for more than half off.

The packaging was pretty and featured little squares for different size gifts.

Inside, everything was way more than the $20 I paid for it.

Here are all the goodies I received:

1. Jeju Volcanic Lava Nose Pore Strip
2. Konjac Cleansing Puff
3. False Eyelashes
4. Orchid Hand Cream
5. Gel Touch Nail Polish
6. Single Brown Shadow
7.Intense Firming Mascream Sheet
8. Real Nature Aloe Face Mask
9. Herb Day Lip and Eye Makeup Remover Wipes
10. Rich Hand V Special Care Hand Mask
11.Calendula Essential Moisture Eye Cream
12. Smile Foot Mask

So many goodies to take care of my skin. I’ve become a bit obsessed with skincare now that I’m older. It’s never too late to take care of yourself!

Tony Moly- Egg Pore Shiny Skin Soap

IMG_9185My latest addition to my Tony Moly collection is this Egg Pore Shiny Skin soap. These came in an adorable egg-carton like package.
The eggs come in white and brown. The white is for day and the brown is for night. There aren’t English instructions on the package and searching online has a few variation of uses. You can use these as normal face soaps (just lather and rinse). However, I like to use them like a mask. I lather and leave them on for 10-15 minutes before washing off. The brown one is a bit stronger so it doesn’t need to be left on as long.

IMG_9191After using them for a month, I have noticed that my pores are a bit smaller, and my skin looks smoother. The soaps are not recommended for sensitive skin as they can be very drying at first. A good moisturiser after washing is a must.

When I first started using these, I broke out a little bit, but that is a result of all the deep dirt coming to the surface. After a while, my skin is looking great. The soaps look like they will last a long time too.

You can also watch my first impressions in this video.