I’ve been feeling exhausted lately so I decided to start tracking my sleep again. I used to use Sleep ++, but it required manually starting and stopping your sleep sessions. I’d often forget to turn it off in the morning and it would drain my battery.

AutoSleep is different. It tracks your sleep automatically by detecting when you’re heart rate is lower and there is hardly movement while wearing the watch. It also knows when you are charging your watch so it’ll use the time between phone glances as your sleep time. That way it tracks every day automatically, whether I remember the app or not!


How do you wake up? 


My boyfriend is the type of person who will set an alarm and press snooze half a dozen times before he wakes up or sometimes have multiple alarms. I don’t know how he does it. It would (does) drive me nuts.

I am be opposite. I like my sleep uninterrupted. I set one single alarm so that I have the minimal amount of time between when I have to get up and when I must head out the door. I feel like I get the most optimal sleep this way. As well, my body naturally trains itself to wake up at the exact same time and I feel awake by the time I am at work. 

There’s no real right or wrong way but my way works for me. How do you wake up? 

I Need Sleep


My week has been insane! Going out while having a full-time job is super difficult. I’m alive though! But most of my sleep has been counting down until I wake up. Except it’s like half of what Milhouse is counting down from.

I think my body is half caffeine at the moment.

Sometimes You Just Need To Nap

Everyone has those days where there is just a ton of things to do but your body has already used it’s energy. I’m sure you’re feeling it now as everyone is trying to frantically finishing what needs to be done before the holidays. We’ve all loaded ourselves with caffeine but you get to a point where eventually there will be a crash.

Whether it’s the 15 minute power nap or just a short snooze, it sometimes can be more effective to give yourself tiny breaks instead of loading yourself on 10 cups of coffee. The caffeine crash can leave you sleeping for hours when it could have been prevented with a tiny nap and be good to go. Learn the 15 minute power nap especially, it can be done in the same time it takes you to make/buy/drink another cup of coffee.