Snapchat > Vlogging


It’s been a while since I vlogged on Youtube. With a busy life, it can be a hassle to film footage, dump the footage, edit the footage etc everyday. I fell in love with Snapchat because I can still capture and share these moments with people who wish to follow. It’s easy because all you have to do is focus on the capturing. Putting together the stories is done for you, showing snips of your day which is basically like vlogging. I wasn’t really making money on Youtube so the lack of monetization doesn’t really affect me.

Another bonus is that it’s not like up on the internet forever so you can share those funny moments without feeling too embarrassed about it later. Sometimes I consider deleting my old vlogs.

Anyways, I’m at Field Trip this weekend snapping and you can find me @tianafeng.

Snapchat is Fun

I’ve been enjoying my reunion with Snapchat recently! It’s much more fun than when I first joined and it was mostly just a place to chat back and forth. I love the Stories section which is a lot like vlogging your last 24 hours, but much easier. No video editing involved. You also get to see what you’re friends are up to in a less curated fashion than Instagram. It seems more personal and real.

Come snap me @tianafeng!

Snapchat Me!

I know I said I was giving up on Snapchat to focus on other networks but I can’t help but want to do that dumb face swapping thing everyone’s been doing. You know the frightening thing that does this:

It’s definitely not a network to ignore. Plus sending people hilarious things that will disappear is kind of fun. It’s the one social network where you can be yourself and it will disappear. Snap me random things!