It’s Finally Snowing

This week we finally saw some snow! My favourite thing about it is Teddy’s little paws prints. The colder weather makes it so hard to wake up but my HappyLight has been helping me through seasonal mood swings. I’m ready to take on the winter and perhaps get out there and make a snow man.

Spring is Such a Tease


It’s Easter Weekend here in Toronto. The weather was quite nice Good Friday and Saturday leading us to think Spring was coming.



Even Teddy was out enjoying the weather.

But surprise! It snowed during the night:
Easter Snow

Easter Snow

Easter Snow

When will Spring finally be here to stay?

Merry Christmas! Here Are More Snowflakes

Merry Christmas! Hope you are all warm and enjoying some delicious goodies with the family. Here are some more photos of snowflakes.

A Single Snowflake

I voluntarily went outside in -14 degrees (celcius) weather to capture macro snowflakes. This was the only photo that turned out. It’s actually not shot in B/W. The glove I used to catch falling slow happened to to be black. No flash, just the 100mm 2.8 L macro lens on my 60D.

Photoset: Winter Exploration

It snowed last week and on Saturday the sky was so nice and blue that me and dad decided to go exploring for interesting things to shoot in Mississauga.

For higher resolutions of the photos visit my Flickr.

[Photoset] Teddy In The Snow

We finally had some snow fall this week in Mississauga. We let Teddy out in the backyard to play in the snow. Here are some photos!