Fun Finds: Chinese Food Socks 

I found these delicious socks in the mess that is Winners! Sometimes unique pieces can come from mainstream places but nobody needs to know 😜

Adventure Time SOCKS!


I saw these Adventure Time socks at Hot Topic and I couldn’t resist getting them!


The pack came with 5 pairs with different characters: Jake, Gunter, Lumpy Space Princess, BMO and Finn. Now I can inject a little more fun into my daily routine.

Pizza Socks

I’d say I pretty much won Yankee Swap this year because I ended up with these fabulous Pizza socks from Living Royal.

Don’t they look delicious enough to eat?

Burger Socks

For Christmas Nash’s little sister @immicaylaB got me these awesome burger socks by Sock It To Me.

IMG_2015I actually don’t own that many pattern socks and these are totally adorable so I decided to do a mini-shoot with them.

IMG_2061 For these photos I used the Canon 50mm 1.8 II lens. It’s difficult to use for selfies because it has difficulty auto-focusing. So basically I estimated by manual focusing and using a remote. This is the only full-selfie photo that turned out.