Go Canada and our Women Atheletes!

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We’re relaxing up North and watching the Olympics. I’m proud to be Canadian and it’s super inspiring and exciting to see that our women are currently owning the medal count.

Despite this, the media has a long way to go when covering the success of women and the commentators are often cringe worthy. Instead of talking about their hard work training to get where they are, comments focus too much on trivial things.

We still have a long way to go in terms of equality but I’ll be cheering on the country, especially our girls!

My First Raptors Game!

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I am at a sports #raptors #the6

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Last night, my co-worker took me to my first Raptors game. I have never been before! We were at a work event earlier in the evening so we made it in for 2nd quarter. Toronto was playing Atlanta and I spent some time looking for Drake of course.

Halfway through, I very genuinely asked why Atlanta’s logo was Pacman eating a dot.
I learned that it was a hawk, but I cannot unsee Pacman. The hawk is never the first thing my eye focuses on.

This dancing was also very confusing. I like the idea of integrating other cultures but this seems so strangely out of place. Apparently there are weirder things that happen sometimes like a lady balancing plates.

It was definitely an adventurous night and I had fun at my first basketball game. Since the Raptors scored 100 we got free pizza too!

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Thank You Blue Jays

Found on Reddit
Found on Reddit

Last night, the Blue Jays lost Game 6 of the ALCS series against the Royals. I was upset, but I realized no other team had made me care about a sport so much in my lifetime. A lot of people were in the same boat. It wasn’t just about bandwagoning or a trend, many people followed the post-season series committing time and their emotions.

As a city we united. People would share scores on buses and trains with strangers. There was even one time where some guy read out loud a play by play when in places where reception was spotty. Restaurants, pubs and other local businesses brought people together who, for the first in a while, were genuinely proud and excited of their city team.

We were lucky to have a group of players that never gave up even when their last games seemed bleak. They worked together and appeared to be the best of friends. They played some of the most exciting baseball ever, which is weird to say because it is often not very exciting. We hung to the edge of our seats with our hearts on the line. In the end our hearts were broken, but that only happened because we had a team to love in the first place.

Thank you Jays for playing the best baseball I’ve ever seen.

Never Lose Hope

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Let's doooo this #selfie #jays #cometogether #the6

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Whether we win or lose this series, the Blue Jays have taught me one thing this year: to never lose hope. No matter how they have been beaten this year, they always come back fresh the next game. Even when all bets are against them, they take every chance to strike back.

I don’t watch a lot of sports, but I have been following these post-season baseball games. There’s a fire in the Jays that I admire and that is their spirit of never giving up.

In Defense of Bandwagoning

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The Blue Jays are doing awesome this baseball season. They are currently in the ALCS. There’s a lot of talk and making fun of bandwagon fans. But, I don’t see that as a problem.

Why should people need to dedicate themselves to all 200+ games all season in order to be a “real fan”. It’s kind of equivalent to hipsters who say things like “I liked the band when they were playing in their garage.” It’s nice if you supported the team all along, but there’s nothing wrong with people who join in once the team is doing well.

There’s pride in the city when we’re winning. We can’t always be there 100% when they lose, I mean that’s why we end up with mediocre teams like the Leafs (just kidding). Being there when the team is doing well shows the city (as well as the people who own the team, Rogers) of the value of keeping all the current players on contract and continuously on making it better. It keeps the team putting their best effort forward to keep the respect of their fans.

Go Blue Jays!

I know we lost yesterday but let’s hope we can come back tomorrow!

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Let's doooo this #selfie #jays #cometogether #the6

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Let’s go Blue Jays! First time at the playoffs in 22 years