Sriracha Chips


I found these official looking Sriracha chips at Bulk Barn and I was so excited. There’s a lot of generic Sriracha chips out there but this was the only one I have found that has the actual rooster brand on it.

These chips taste like BBQ kettle chips, crunchy, with a kick! There’s definitely a hint of all the things that make Sriracha great: the garlicy spiciness.

Video Round-Up

In today’s video round-up I have…


a Sriracha2Go:

Chinese new year:

and we build a robot:




I want a lot of unnecessary things from the internet but when I saw the Sriracha2Go, I knew I had to have it.


They are $7 each or $15 for 3. I decided on 3 because I probably know at least one person who would want this after seeing me with one and it seemed like a good deal. The one thing to note is that it doesn’t actually come with sauce inside. That didn’t matter to me because who doesn’t have a bottle of Huy Fong’s magnificent sauce in their fridge already?


The bottle has a very similar design and colour scheme to the classic sriracha sauce, but it’s actually different. Even the Chinese words are different. (I have no idea what they say).


But to the untrained eye, it totally looks like a miniature bottle for the busy person on the go. Now I can make sure everybody’s food is delicious!

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Now I can have sriracha everywhere #sriracha2go

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I got my order after 2 weeks or so. One thing of note to international orders is that the tracking system they use kind of sucks so once it passes the US border you won’t really know where it is. Their customer service does answer fast though if you have any concerns. Now off to sauce my Chinese New Year meal!