Chefs Plate: Seared Steak & Balsamic Shallot Jam

On my recent Chef’s Plate order I made a Seared Steak & Balsamic Shallot Jam with a spinach salad and parmesan potatoes. 

This was an easy meal to make and super flavourful. I love how easy it was to make the shallot jam. I don’t normally buy shallots, but I think I can replicate something similar with onions.

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Chefs Plate: Pescado Cubano w/ Rice

I love learning new techniques to cook fish, so I chose the Pescado Cubano recently from Chefs Plate. It was a tilapia dish that was marinated with a spicy kick.

I loved that the rice was also cooked with the spice with peppers. There was a fresh slaw with cilantro, onions and peppers on top of the fish that I also really liked and I cooked my fish perfectly. Now, I feel more confident to buy my own fish from the grocery store and include it more in our diets!

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Chefs Plate: Cauliflower Fried Rice & Guacamole Bowl

For my previous Chef’s Plate, I accidentally chose a vegetarian and gluten-free option because I forgot to pick something. It was a Cauliflower Fried Rice & Guacamole Bowl. I thought that all the ingredients they sent us was fresh and vibrant in colour.

I didn’t know you could use Cauliflower heads as a rice replacement and it turned out perfectly. I liked the flavours of the goat cheese and basil pesto. These all made this healthy meal flavourful at every bite.

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Chefs Plate: Crispy Tonkatsu

Sometimes with Chefs Plate, you can learn a much easier way to cook something. This happened when I made tonkatsu. I had blogged about making tonkatsu in the past, but I usually baked it, used flour and cooked the panko beforehand.

This Chefs Plate recipe required just eggs and panko and could be done right in a heated frying pan with oil!It was delicious and juicy, not to mention quick. Both ways have their advantages, but when I’m hungry, I’ll definitely be doing this pan method.

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Chefs Plate: Tumeric Coconut Salmon

Our second Chefs Plate meal this week was a tumeric coconut salmon served with green beans and a side of cracked wheat and parsley.

This recipe was easy to follow and now I know the perfect amount of time to cook a piece of salmon. It’s also amazing how flavourful you can make something with a few easy steps.

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Miss Fresh Recipe 4: Kimchi Braised Chicken

My last Miss Fresh recipe was Kimchi Braised Chicken. This one was super easy and the kimchi provided had just the right amount of texture. It gave the chicken a lot of flavour and wasn’t as spicy as I thought it would be.

I blanched my Chinese Broccoli instead of steaming it because I don’t have a steamer. It all turned out delicious!

I’m sad my box is over but I may return when I have more time to do it consistently! It was fun and made making dinner super efficient.

Vinyl Me Please – November 2016 Edition


This month’s Vinyl Me Please record is “Lemon of Pink” from The Books on a yellow record with pink splattered. Inside the sleeve is also a 16-page book featuring new artwork and extensive liner notes by Nick Zammuto.

I’m not that familiar with this record but Vinyl Me Please hasn’t failed me yet!

Vinyl Me Please – September 2016 Edition


This month’s edition of Vinyl Me Please features Glass Animals How to be a Human Being in a beautiful coral blue. There’s also an exclusive 8 bit art print over the cover by Whoopi + Myk and a fold out poster.

Vinyl Me Please- August 2016 Edition


This month’s Vinyl Me Please edition is a special paint splatter vinyl version of My Morning Jacket’s Z. It also comes with a print of the album cover  and a lyric book.

I was also lucky enough to receive the secret 7″ which is a new Amber Mark track. I can’t wait to see what I will get next month!

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Vinyl Me Please: June 2016 Edition


I just received this month’s Vinyl Me Please selection in the mail!  It’s an exclusive VMP pressing of Wells Fargo’s Watch Out in green. Inside there is a 20-page book of liner notes and a print by Saghon Kim.

I love that Vinyl Me Please chooses both modern and classic records. I’ve only been seriously collecting for over a year and it’s overwhelming to try and collect older stuff because I don’t know where to start. At least this way, I get my hands on some seriously good stuff.