Vinyl Me Please- April 2016 Edition


This month’s Vinyl Me Please pressing celebrates the 20th anniversary of The Fugees’ The Score. It is printed on beautiful orange and black vinyl and includes a bonus gold 7″ with tracks that were never on vinyl. They used all the original masters which means there’s some crackling from the original recordings. There’s also a poster and art by Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle.

There were a few extras thrown in like a mysterious 7″ with no description, that was later revealed to be a new Tourist song. I think it’s awesome  and kind of romantic to tease new tracks this way. I had no idea what to expect when I put it on the player. Also added was a $35 gift certificated to Hello Fresh, which I sadly cannot use because they haven’t launched in Canada yet.

DSCF9018This month was also the first time I ordered from Vinyl Me Please’s exclusive member store. They did a limited run of Suun’s upcoming Hold/Still (it isn’t released until tomorrow) in white.

I’m slowly outgrowing my little bachelor apartment as vinyl starts to take up more and more space.


Vinyl Me Please- March 2016 Edition


March’s Vinyl Me Please pressing is my favourite so far. It’s an exclusive white vinyl edition of Lapsley’s  Long Way Home, which is one of my favourite non-Canadian albums this year. Plus she’s only 19!  It also comes with an art print, and a special poster with a note from the artists.

Super excited to have this as part of my collection. I would’ve picked up this one eventually in store but I always love having exclusive colour editions.

Loot Crate- October 2013 Edition

IMG_9648I finally received my October Loot Crate yesterday. Since it was the month of Halloween, the theme for October was “Survive”. You can check out my unboxing video on Youtube and check out the contents below.

IMG_9654Like the past crates, there was the official guide to all the box’s contents. Loot Crate also made these temporary tattoos so I could pick sides in the zombie apocalypse.

IMG_9649Online card service Open Me provided this adorable gut-loving card. The service which is affiliated with T-shirt Threadless allows you to send cards to people for only $4.

IMG_9657Oh and if you actually like guts, they’ve included some in candy form. I got a heart.

IMG_9653Loot Crate Labs also created these 8-bit game inspired buttons. I received two sets somehow!

IMG_9661IMG_9677My favourite item from this month’s crate was this T-shirt. It’s a mashup of Walking Dead and the Ewoks from Star Wars. So adorable!

IMG_9656Graphic Lab, the maker of the tee provided a $5 discount code and I’m now an official Zombie Hunter with this ID.

IMG_9662Since I am a Zombie Hunter now, this guide proves quite useful. I’ve seen this around in stores before but was never interested in zombies enough to buy it. Now that I own it, I’ll definitely read it out of curiosity.

Loot Crate has definitely outdone itself with these crates and the value within. If you use the code NEXTGEN: you ca save $3 on next week’s crate:

Loot Crate- July Edition!

I get excited every month when my Loot Crate arrives. It will be the closest thing I’ll ever have to Christmas in July (or every month for that matter). This month’s theme was Varsity

IMG_5027Star Wars headphones from Jazwares came at random. I got Darth Maul but other characters included Darth Vader, Yoda, and C3PO. Let’s be thankful Jar Jar wasn’t an option.

IMG_5033This month’s crate was in partnership with Video Game Highschool. Therefore, it was quite appropriate to include the 2 disc DVD of Season 1 and a pencil for back to school sake.

IMG_5025There was also this VGHS button set.

IMG_5026The stickers this month included a storm trooper + VGHS mashup and the Rocket Jump logo.

IMG_5030I totally forgot PEZ existed. What a blast from the past! Loot Crate randomized the MARVEL edition of the PEZ dispensers. I got Thor. Anybody want to trade for Wolverine?

IMG_5031Lastly there was this Sonic air freshener with a smell appropriately labelled “Sonic Breeze”.

Loot Crate is like a nerdy box of stuff delivered to your mail box every month. I do buy all my crates and it’s a little bit pricier in Canada ($29.99) as opposed to the US price of $19 (shipping included). If you’d like to sign up for Loot Crate, please use the referrer link below: