Simpsons Books is Now on Instagram

My Simpsons Books tumblr is gaining a decent following, so I decided to also put it on Instagram at @simpsonsbooks.

I’m surprised someone wasn’t doing this already!

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Simpsons Books Never End

I’m still continually finding new books in episodes of The Simpsons! Here are more of my favourites:

More Simpsons Books

My Simpsons Books tumblr is still very alive and well. I never seem to run out of books to post! The show is a gold mine of books in every episode.

Here are a few more favourites:

100+ Simpsons Books Collected So Far

Last month, I started a random Tumblr that collects books seen on the Simpsons. Ever since I started doing this, every episode has at least one, either a real, parody or books you wish existed. I’ve already posted over 100.

Here are a few of my favourites:




Simpsons Meme Takeover


The internet has stumbled on the best thing ever. Frankiac, the Simpsons meme generating machine. You can literally search any quote and it will find it. Now I don’t need to type real sentences ever again.


What is your favourite Simpsons scene of all time?

Lego Simpsons House


My first lego set ever was this limited edition¬†Lego Simpsons House. Prior to this I’ve never owned or built any set from start to finish. I’m a huge fan of The Simpsons so when I found out they were releasing the house I was super excited.


I ordered it from Amazon and the box was huge!
Here’s the back.

DSCF2364 DSCF2365

There were 7 parts to the house and 3 booklets worth of instructions. It took me around 3 weeks to build, mostly because I don’t have a lot of time to do it consecutively. It was a super relaxing process though, and took my mind offline.


It’s so super detailed and looks exactly like the house on the show!

Here are some photos of the inside details in order of how they were built:
















Stay tuned for more Lego posts when I finish the Kwik-E-Mart!



Our First Lego Minifigs


When I was a kid, I didn’t have much lego. They were expensive so it wasn’t something my parent’s prioritized in buying us. As an adult, I love to build (and collect) things and Lego appeals to all ages. We randomly bought some Lego Simpsons mini figures (I love the Simpsons).


Nash and I ended up with date night Marge and Smithers! But now this has started an addiction and I actually compulsively ordered the Lego Simpsons House¬†on Amazon. I can’t wait to build it. Building things together is an awesome date idea and my order can’t come soon enough!

Hello Kitty x The Simpsons

Ever since I first saw someone where this poncho sweater thing on an American friend’s Instagram, I wanted it badly! I found out that it was an exclusive piece from Japan LA.



It is part of an official collaboration between Hello Kitty and The Simpsons. I couldn’t get over how adorable the chibi versions of the Simpsons’ cast were.


The poncho is one size-fits all and despite being loose is a shape that works with all bodies. It’s also super soft and comfy!


It’s seriously one of my favourite new wardrobe pieces!