Closed vs. Open Systems

look my notification has a nyan cat!
I finished the Steve Jobs biography the other night. It was a very insightful read on both his mind and his influence on the product world. He was so obsessive-compulsive in controlling the entire user experience: from the packaging, the stores, the physical product and the software. Immediately upon finishing the book, for some reason I jailbroke and tweaked my iPhone 4S.

30 Seconds of Courage Goes A Long Way

Despite being a quite sociable and easily approachable person, I can be very shy at times. However, over the years I have learned there is no reason to be. In addition, I’ve learned the importance of networking and meeting people in furthering a career.

Here’s a tip I live by: Pretend to be brave for 30 seconds.
Nobody knows who you are at these events and they don’t need to know you are probably peeing your pants when you try to talk to them. Just take a breath, introduce yourself and for 30 seconds pretend you can take over the world. The brave you (even if it’s pretend) will suddenly shine through and you’ll ask yourself was it really that bad?

This can extend past networking. Maybe it will help you talk to that beautiful girl/boy in the coffee shop window. Anything you are afraid to do or think you won’t be good at, just give it a shot. It took a lot of courage for me to start Youtube video reviews. but then I realized by doing them how much fun they are.

Take a chance at something.. even for 30 seconds.

Life After School is a Little Bit Scary

On Saturday, I officially graduated from Metalworks Institute, ending once and for all my life as a student. Now what?

I Think I’m A Recovering Hoarder

I was on a mission to clean my room. I had a gigantic garbage bag ready to throw things away but my mind kept going, I need this. Luckily, I got past that and finally uncluttered my drawers and closets full of things from the past. The majority of the things I threw out fell into one of these categories:

Inspiration in Colours

The other day I went with my sister to Staples because she needed some things for school. I realized my new Pacman journal had been lacking inspiration lately, stuck in a sort of writer’s block. Then I realized inspiration just like life isn’t black and white. I decided to make my journal as colourful as life and my thoughts are supposed to be.

Are you stuck in a rut with writing?

Perhaps, adding a little colour can spark that brain. Don’t worry, I’ll stick to coloured pens on paper. I think youd all stop reading if this blog had multicolour text.
Your life should be more than just black and white, a pop of colour anywhere whether it be pens, make-up, wardrobe can add a little twist in your life.

Or I could just be trying to find a crazy excuse to buy beautiful pens.

Dear Journal…

It’s been a while since I last kept a written journal, even though I have a billion notebooks. I was 14 then, and I used to write about all the trivial experiences of being a teenager.

My sister got me this Moleskine diary/planner and I decided to use it to catalogue my daily thoughts and musings, most of which will probably end up in the form of blog posts here. With an iPhone giving me daily reminders, I don’t need a book to do it too. Nash made fun of me for referring to to the journal as an offline blog, because really blogs are online journals.

I have to say putting pen to paper again is pretty exciting. If you’re ever having a moment of writer’s block on the computer, stepping away from it really helps. There are times when chicken scratches become something much more and doodles make great stories.

I am in love with writing and since I journal about my dreams, I thought it would be appropriate to write what’s on my mind while it’s awake, so prepare to journey with me in 2012. Thanks for reading and hope we have a great year together!

Resolutions are Stupid

Happy new year!

A new year is time to reflect on the year before; the trials, the happiness and the newly discovered. It’s a time to put behind certain things and start with a clean slate. For most of us, we make promises to ourselves, most of which we won’t keep in the form of resolutions. Many of these resolution’s often don’t make it to the end of the month.

This year, I’m not out to make these promises to myself.

Kicking the Notebook Buying Addiction

Hi, my name is Tiana and I have a notebook addiction.

I was at the bookstore the other day with my sister because she needed to buy a notebook. She was there to buy one for a real reason, so she can keep record of some of her personal info and passwords. I stood in the notebook section itching to buy something. As I stood there, I realized why I’m so fascinated with buying notebooks. I’m consumed with trying to catalog the various aspects of my life. In the fast pace world we live in today, I always feel like I should write down my thoughts so that maybe I could come back to them later. It never happens though, so often I’m left with tons of empty notebooks. Sometimes I’ll begrudgingly use them for school, knowing that I’ll only buy more.

My ADD personality has made me buy almost all of the “Passions” lines of Moleskines, each one covering a different topic: food, books, music. I have ones for doodles, poems, stories. The majority of which are completely empty. When I walk into the bookstore, I’m so tempted the ones to grab the topics such as the ones that you can write about your dreams and anger in; or something to hold ticket stubs. I have to admit, the store is a bit evil for placing everything so in-your-face and noticeable. That’s how they make money right?

Reluctantly, the other day, I came out not buying a new notebook. I decided that if I really have the need to categorize my thoughts, than I can just blog about them here. It’s quick and easy and free, and someone’s actually reading it. So dear readers, of which there is probably like 5 of you, the near future will have articles of every topic. There also may a variety of randoms such as recipes, reviews, stories, poems and other personal projects. For once, I’ll actually start to write things down, just digitally.