Damn it, Smithers!


I’ve been getting more Lego Simpsons mini figures in an attempt to collect all of them but all I keep getting are Smithers. Damn it Smithers!

Our First Lego Minifigs


When I was a kid, I didn’t have much lego. They were expensive so it wasn’t something my parent’s prioritized in buying us. As an adult, I love to build (and collect) things and Lego appeals to all ages. We randomly bought some Lego Simpsons mini figures (I love the Simpsons).


Nash and I ended up with date night Marge and Smithers! But now this has started an addiction and I actually compulsively ordered the Lego Simpsons House on Amazon. I can’t wait to build it. Building things together is an awesome date idea and my order can’t come soon enough!

Batman is Unimpressed #4

Batman is at it again..

Batman is Unimpressed #24
Batman is Unimpressed #23
Batman is Unimpressed #22
Batman is Unimpressed #21

The Hypocrisy Behind Goldie Blox


This post has nothing to do with the copyright case regarding Goldie Blox’s parody of Beastie Boys’ “Girls” in their most recent ad campaign. This new toy line called Goldie Blox has become increasingly popular due to its marketing as a smart toy for girls. However, it fails to see that they are the very problem that they are seemingly trying to fix.

The company’s aim is to “disrupt the pink isle and inspire the future generation of female engineers”. However, if you look at their product line, everything remains in the stereotypical girlish colours of pink and purple, continuing the notion that these are the only toys for our little girls. I am by no means a self-identified feminist (or even a parent) but I do believe in the fact that little girls (and boys) should be exposed to different toys as a child.

I never was the one to play with dolls, I thought they were boring. As a child, I loved to play with what was considered boys toys: Lego, K’nex, video games. I was made fun of in school at an early age for having the “wrong” toys (like a Thomas the Tank Engine train set) . The girls didn’t want to be my friends because I owned few Barbies and didn’t want to play Mystery Date. I hung out with the boys and discovered things like NES and Pokemon cards. For Christmas one year I asked for that machine where you could make your own edible gummy creatures, except I received the one that made dolls.

Though everyone may have their own style of parenting and beliefs, I will show my future child that they don’t have to follow the conventions of society. They don’t have to choose the pink or the blue toys. I believe that if we want our children to grow up to be engineers, scientists and creative people than it starts from the parents, not the toys we buy them.

Accurate infographic
Accurate infographic

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Loot Crate- September 2013 Edition!

September’s Loot Crate theme is ANIMATE and I think this is my favourite one to date!

IMG_5635This Stimpy doll from Jazwares has a squeaky nose and elastic tongue. Oh, it also talks. Reliving some childhood Nicktoon days.

IMG_5638Egoraptor made this really creepy Pikachu sticker and Bizklimkit mashed Ninja Turtles and Storm Troopers in a magnet. Loot Crate made a sticker with the phrase “It’s Over 9000”, which comes from the popular Dragon Ball Z meme. Since last month’s crate, they’ve also included a handy dandy little zine explaining everything in the crate.

IMG_5634There was Family Guy or Yoshi branded lip balms in this month’s crate. I got Stewie! I’m very thankful to not be putting anything Quagmire on my lips.

IMG_5640Each crate also had blind boxes of either Futurama or Simpsons key-chains from Kid Robot. I opened my Futurama box to reveal Lord Nibbler.

IMG_5633Last but not least, was a TMNT vinyl figure from Funko. I was lucky enough to actually get my favourite Ninja Turtle, Donatello. Woohoo!

I wonder how Loot Crate will top this one next month.

Save 10% with the code ANIMATE here: http://mbsy.co/lootcrate/176357

Stupid Toys

In my post about poorly written song commercials I posted this video of an Orbeez Lady Bug:

Who the heck decided this was a good idea for a toy? The marbles could be eaten by young kids and those older would not play with this thing. Also why is there a dog in the commercial? It is also a tripping hazard, hence stupid for all sorts of reasons. I decided to seek out what horrible ideas for toys there are out there.

Now I bring this to your attention:

The most boring toy ever. I had one of these once. I waited days and days for the hair to grow and nothing happened. Perhaps it was a defect, but what on earth do you do with it when it grows? It does not make a great gift.

This Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe looks pretty fun and awesome. BUT LOOK THEY ARE MIXING ALL THE COLOURS. After a few plays, you will end up with a mess of brown.

Lastly.. I bring you.. the breastfeeding doll:

I get that little kids like to mimic their parents, but isn’t this going a bit too far?

What other stupid toys have you seen out there? I’d love to know.

Poorly Written Song Commercials

I’m not talking about jingles. 1-800-267-2001. If you’re Canadian, I just got that stuck in your head right? Anyways, this post is about poorly written songs in commercials that don’t rhyme, and aren’t memorable in any way except for their suckiness. The most recent being this one which reiterates in different forms all over the Food Network.

Now did that entice you to buy chocolate in any way? Side note: I can’t believe people in the Youtube comments actually inquire the name/artist of the song as if it is legitimate.

However, the most guilty culprit of horrible commercials lies not in adult products, but the ones directed to little girls. For example, watch ANY Barbie commercial:

Who gets hired to sing these things? Do they make a lot of money? If so, where do I sign? This does rhyme, but the song itself isn’t really doing anything except singing what they are doing. Imagine if I was going through my day singing what I am doing in rhyme.


To be fair Barbie used to have good commercials. For instance this first commercial ever seems to have a better song. Or maybe everything sounds better when it’s sung in 1959 swing style.

This doesn’t seem to be the case for toys targeted to boys. They get more epic sounding songs with very enthusiastic voice-overs.

That looks fuckin’ awesome. Girls have to deal with more of these:

FYI, I always thought boys had cooler toys. I think my disdain for barbies, dolls and ponies comes from the fact that my ears were pretty musically trained at a young age. My future children are going watch their television streaming so they will never have to suffer through these.

What horrible song commercial have you seen lately? Perhaps it is too terrible to remember.

Board Games: Blokus 3D, Q-Bert and Formula D

Here’s another round of interesting board games from Snakes and Lattes.

Blokus 3D Game was 3 dimensional take on the original game of Blokus. The difference was that in this game you had to touch the sides of one of your blocks (where as in the original you can’t) while building the required 3D shape.

The game comes with a few templates of 3D things to build and diagrams of how they look depending on the amount of participants. The object of the game: to get rid of all your blocks. The challenge came when building the 3D object, not all pieces were the right fit.

Next we found this Q-Bert Board Game. It dates back to 1983, and totally looks that way.

The goal of the game was to take turns being Q-Bert and getting more pegs than your opponent. Your opponent played all the nasty characters such as Coily, Slick, Ugg, green and red balls. The game was complete with flying discs that would take Q-Bert to safety.

I grabbed a random racing game called Formula D.

The game worked like a regular roll-the-dice and move type of game except with cars on a road. It also involved shifting gears and protecting your car parts from dying. There were enough pieces for up to 8 players. The first one to get to the finish line, or the last to be destroyed was the winner.

That’s all for now, I’m sure I will explore some more board games soon!