Happiness and the Importance of Relaxation

I’m a crazy anxious person who usually can’t sit still without thinking of what productive-seeming thing I should be doing. Writing, creating, reading, cooking, cleaning etc. It’s super hard for me to just sit down to watch Netflix and nothing else. Even then, I’m checking my e-mails on my iPad or editing photos at the same time.

However, lately we’ve been hooked on Making a Murderer and now I’m glued to the screen and have to concentrate on every little detail. I guess the trick to relaxing is finding the perfect distraction.

I Binged On Master of None

I spent most of the weekend bing watching on Aziz Ansari’s new Netflix series Master of None. It was so great. I think my favourite part of it was the real life lessons and (often taboo) topics were covered in meaningful ways. I won’t give away any spoilers so I think you should go watch it before someone else does!