Video Round-Up: Cake Thing, Keurig K200, Camp Wavelength

It’s time for another video roundup!

First I make this weird cake thing:

Then I unboxed this Keurig K200:

And we went Camp Wavelength

Video Round-Up: Field Trip, Bestival, Mirrorless Camera!

Catch up on my latest vlogs!

First up, I take you to Field Trip with me:

Then Bestival

Then I show you my new Mirrorless camera!

Video Round-Up: Army Girls, Bunch of Stuff, A Concert in A Park

Sorry for the lack of Vlog updates! I hate editing video.. like I say so in this video:

Birchbox haul + photoshop magnets + new camera backpack:

I sit on a couch in the park and watch a concert:

Video Round-Up: More Music!

Started working summer hours today, meaning longer hours 4 days a week to get Friday off. Time for a quick video round-up before I head off to the next thing.

First I went to a Women in Music showcase:

Then I went to a rap show:

Then I went to the Osheaga showcase at CMW:

Enjoy! I’ll have some more non-music vlogs soon!

Video Round-Up: Ipsy, Adventure Time Boots & Magic Mugs

In this video round-up first we have the April Ipsy unboxing

Then I bought the coolest boots

Lastly, I show you my Origrami prints and new mugs!

Video Round-Up: Periscope vs Meerkat, Cooking Noodles, Chasing The Dog

In this edition of video round up

I talked about Meerkat and Periscope

I cooked some noodles

Teddy’s tongue gets derped as I chase him around the house

Video Round-Up

In today’s video round-up I have…


a Sriracha2Go:

Chinese new year:

and we build a robot:


Video Round-Up: Controller.Controller Reunion, Valentine’s Day, More Wavelength!

Time for another video round-up! I was busy last weekend at Wavelength’s 15th anniversary so most of these Vlogs are from there. Friday night was a bunch of Canadian bands covering their idols as well as Controller.Controller reuniting!

Next up we had Valentine’s brunch and then I headed to the Polish Combatants Hall for Lowell, The Acorn, Del Bel and more!

Final night of Wavelength!

Video Round-Up: Fail Nails, A Normal Monday, Wavelength Pre-Party

Another 3 Vlogs up on Youtube. First I tried that dumb nail kit:

Then I had a pretty boring Monday

And lastly I went to the Wavelength pre-party show with Speed Ortiz, HSY and WISH


Video Round-Up: Viet Cong, Constellation Records, Macarons & More

I’ve been on top of my Vlogs lately so here are 3 more! First I hit up Viet Cong’s sold out show:

Then I went to a Constellation Records showcase:

What began as a relaxing weekend turned into another concert trip: