Bye Meerkat! Hello Periscope

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Whenever there’s a new social network, I often rush to become an early adopter. To me, it doesn’t really matter if that the general public hasn’t seen the value of them yet. I like to learn the value of each myself for my own interests as well to keep up to date on what’s on trend for professional reasons.

Recently, I talked about new live streaming service Meerkat. A little while after, Twitter bought and launched a very similar service called Periscope. While I see the advantages of Meerkat, I soon discovered that Periscope was a better fit for me. It was connected to Twitter and streams also saved so that they could be rebroadcasted. Often when Meerkat streams were over, the tweets led to dead links. These two reasons alone were enough to convince me to make the switch. I also believe it will take an even larger marketshare once it hits the Android store.

So if you’re a Periscope user and would like to find me you can find me under my usual username “@tianafeng”! I’ve been having a lot of fun showing people my fridge so far (of which I still don’t understand the obsession).

Are you part of the live stream craze? If so, which app are you using?


Follow Me on Meerkat!

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Meerkat is the latest craze in live video streaming that was buzzing at SXSW. It has great potential as a way to share live events and push it to Twitter. However, Twitter actually purchased a very similar app called Periscope. But it is Meerkat that is getting more of the attention and has already raised over $12 million in venture capital funding.

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 3.53.28 PMLast night I streamed my own video for the first time. It was a live feed of my turtles (basically doing nothing) and it gained 15 viewers in seconds, many of which weren’t previously my Twitter followers. I don’t know where they came from but I guess the app is so popular now that people are looking for new feeds to follow!

You can find me at

Video Round-Up: Viet Cong, Constellation Records, Macarons & More

I’ve been on top of my Vlogs lately so here are 3 more! First I hit up Viet Cong’s sold out show:

Then I went to a Constellation Records showcase:

What began as a relaxing weekend turned into another concert trip:

Video Round-Up: My First Photo Show, Beams, Fiio X1 Unboxing

It’s time for another video round-up! First I had my first photo show:

I bought a new lamp and saw a band called Beams:

I unbox the Fiio X1 mp3 player

My New GoPro and the Beginning of Vlogtober!

I’ve been wanting to Vlog for a while. If you’ve been a frequent reader of the blog, I tried to at the end of summer but I ended up finding it cumbersome to be doing it on a DSLR. I enjoyed using the GoPro during the Canadian Club campaign and had wanted to buy one since. GoPro announced their new Hero 3+’s last week and on a whim, I ordered the new Hero Black!

I’m still testing the ropes on vlogging and according to frequent Youtubers it’s “Vlogtober” this month. It’s month-long challenge to vlog at least once a day. I’ll be doing so in a sort of daily snapshot-of-my-life-and-thoughts way. So far I’ve learnt a lot, including my own mannerisms in nervous situations (ie in front of camera) and the logistics of vlogging in general.

You can follow my adventures on Youtube and I’ll be writing about all my experiences here.

Tiana’s Adventure Vlogs #3- Maylee Todd’s Summerworks Performance

Maylee Todd's Musical Planetarium @ The Great Hall (Summer Works Festival) 8/17/2013
The latest instalment of my vlogs features Maylee Todd’s performance during Summerworks festival.

Mixed & Ready Moments at Grove Festival

A few weekends ago, I attended The Grove Music Festival. Instead of photographing it, I had the pleasure of taking part in Canadian Club’s Mixed & Ready Moments campaign, along with fashion stylist Chloe Wise. You can watch the result of our adventures in the video above! You can win some cool stuff at

goproThe video was filmed with a GoPro. I didn’t realize it was so small and versatile. I totally want to buy one now.

canadianclubWhenever I’m at shows, I am usually photographing or reviewing them. For once it was nice to relax, watch the show and have a couple of drinks!

photo 2We got a bit spoiled with backstage access, which included the catering tent with this snazzy ready-to-order pasta bar thing.

photo 3So, uh, funny story.. I went backstage to find somewhere to charge my phone. Before I knew it, I was on stage dancing with Girl Talk!


meandphoenix2Also, I met Phoenix. They were very very French and super nice guys!

Hot Chip!
Hot Chip!

This adventure made me realize that I have a damn cool life for an underemployed person and that I should document some of these in video format. It’s an idea that is still on brainstorming mode but hope to have more videos for you guys soon!

Things I Learned So Far From Video Blogging

On my music blog I started making video album reviews. It was definitely something that I had my doubts of doing because of some great fear of not being liked or that people would make fun of me. It has only been a few weeks, but here are some things that I took away experience so far: