Vinyl Me Please – November 2016 Edition


This month’s Vinyl Me Please record is “Lemon of Pink” from The Books on a yellow record with pink splattered. Inside the sleeve is also a 16-page book featuring new artwork and extensive liner notes by Nick Zammuto.

I’m not that familiar with this record but Vinyl Me Please hasn’t failed me yet!

Vinyl Me Please – October Edition


This month’s Vinyl Me Please record is Beck’s best record Odelay in a bourbon-coloured marble. It also has the 12 x 12 poster that was in the original pressing. There’s also an original print from Scott Allen Hill from Original Champions from Design.

Vinyl Me Please – September 2016 Edition


This month’s edition of Vinyl Me Please features Glass Animals How to be a Human Being in a beautiful coral blue. There’s also an exclusive 8 bit art print over the cover by Whoopi + Myk and a fold out poster.

Vinyl Me Please- August 2016 Edition


This month’s Vinyl Me Please edition is a special paint splatter vinyl version of My Morning Jacket’s Z. It also comes with a print of the album cover  and a lyric book.

I was also lucky enough to receive the secret 7″ which is a new Amber Mark track. I can’t wait to see what I will get next month!

If you want $10 off a subscription on VMP leave your e-mail address below!

Vinyl Me Please- July 2016 Edition


This month’s Vinyl Me Please record is one I’m so excited to get: BADBADNOTGOOD’s IV. The exclusive edition is printed on double red vinyl and a yellow edition of the cover.

It also comes with a print by Vlad Sepetov.


It looks so beautiful on my player! This newly released album is one I would’ve bought if I didn’t get it through the club.

Vinyl Me Please: June 2016 Edition


I just received this month’s Vinyl Me Please selection in the mail!  It’s an exclusive VMP pressing of Wells Fargo’s Watch Out in green. Inside there is a 20-page book of liner notes and a print by Saghon Kim.

I love that Vinyl Me Please chooses both modern and classic records. I’ve only been seriously collecting for over a year and it’s overwhelming to try and collect older stuff because I don’t know where to start. At least this way, I get my hands on some seriously good stuff.

Vinyl Me Please – May 2016 Edition


Vinyl Me Please tops itself every month. This month is a special edition of Weezer’s Pinkerton in marble blue, with a pop-up interior. This one’s a classic, a record that every vinyl enthusiast should own at some point.


The interior gatefold had gorgeous pop-up art and a lyric sheet. I can’t stop looking at that beautiful LP!


This month also features an original 12 x 12 art print from Fuco Ueda. For the second month in a row, I was also the lucky receiver of a secret 7″. Spoiler alert: It’s Whitney’s Golden Days/Light Upon The Lake. 

With the Canadian dollar kind of sucking, the subscription is a bit pricey for a Canadian but it’s a secret pleasure that I don’t regret indulging in because it always cheers me up to open one of these packages up.

Vinyl Me Please- April 2016 Edition


This month’s Vinyl Me Please pressing celebrates the 20th anniversary of The Fugees’ The Score. It is printed on beautiful orange and black vinyl and includes a bonus gold 7″ with tracks that were never on vinyl. They used all the original masters which means there’s some crackling from the original recordings. There’s also a poster and art by Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle.

There were a few extras thrown in like a mysterious 7″ with no description, that was later revealed to be a new Tourist song. I think it’s awesome  and kind of romantic to tease new tracks this way. I had no idea what to expect when I put it on the player. Also added was a $35 gift certificated to Hello Fresh, which I sadly cannot use because they haven’t launched in Canada yet.

DSCF9018This month was also the first time I ordered from Vinyl Me Please’s exclusive member store. They did a limited run of Suun’s upcoming Hold/Still (it isn’t released until tomorrow) in white.

I’m slowly outgrowing my little bachelor apartment as vinyl starts to take up more and more space.


Vinyl Me Please- March 2016 Edition


March’s Vinyl Me Please pressing is my favourite so far. It’s an exclusive white vinyl edition of Lapsley’s  Long Way Home, which is one of my favourite non-Canadian albums this year. Plus she’s only 19!  It also comes with an art print, and a special poster with a note from the artists.

Super excited to have this as part of my collection. I would’ve picked up this one eventually in store but I always love having exclusive colour editions.

Vinyl Me Please – February 2016 Edition


This month’s Vinyl Me Please selection is a legendary remastered version of Big Bill Bronzy folk songs from the Smithsonian Folkways label. This is a timeless pressing of a historical classic.

There was also a beautiful print by McKenzie Nelson and an extra 7″ from the HBO series Vinyl. Can’t wait to see what is in store next month!