Wings @ Game Day

Nash had a craving for chicken wings, so we Googled around until we found a place we haven’t been with good old American-style wings. We ended up at Game Day in Little Italy. It was a little dark in there so my phone photos aren’t very good but you can watch our adventure in this Vlog.

We ordered Jalapeno poppers (not pictured) to start and gobbled them up right away. For wings we opted for one dry, one sauced. Nash chose the grilled buffalo chicken wings and I chose the jerk wings. The wings themselves were big and far from dinky ones (like you’d get at Kelsey’s). They were also very flavourful and the jerk rub was generous.

The atmosphere of the place was very sporty. There were jerseys on the walls and tons of big screens to watch whatever sport you wish. They actually asked what we were there to watch, but we were really there just to eat food. The name of the place must also come from the fact they have a board game at each table. We had a faux Connect 4 but I looked over and saw Operation on another table, and a bunch of Jenga sets. It’s definitely a cool place to chill, watch the game and eat some comfort food.

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Yes, I Will Eat That Much

I don’t know why but every time I go out to eat I get rather trivial looks and then am asked the question “Are you sure that’s what you want to order?”

Triple-pork poutine? Hell yeah I did.
Yes, damn it. Why would I ask for it if I wasn’t sure? I admit that me (and my boyfriend) are pretty small framed people. That doesn’t however mean I munch on salads and bite size portions. I enjoy and can chow down on any fat guy’s happy meal.

One day I was in BQM in Toronto and was faced with a dilemma: Should I get the bacon filled poutine or a delicious burger? The solution? I got both.

The Meaning Behind a Tattoo

Whenever I see people with a tattoo, I always ask about the meaning behind in. If you don’t really know why you are getting a tattoo, I suggest you stop yourself before you regret it when you are older. You’ll sit there wondering what in Gods name made you get a butterfly tattoo.

As for me, I may seem like I have some arbitrary little angel wings, but they are more than just a fashion statement. I decided to get my first tattoo right after i turned 20. 20 for me marked the realization that I was growing up into an adult. It was also by far my favourite year of university, when I met some of my best friends.

The idea of the angel wings came from a quote I heard somewhere (don’t really remember exactly where) when I was a kid. “Even if you have small wings you can fly” To me it was always just a motivating sentence that taught me I could do everything I set my mind to. It has taught me to be an adventurous person, who loves to explore and try everything. I guess that explains my sort of ADD personality that wants to do everything, the sole reason why this blog exists in the first place.

The little wings have always symbolized motivation. Everybody who knows me, knows that when I want to do something, I will do it. It drives my parents crazy, but if I wasn’t this way I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to get a degree in music, or be on my way towards the Entertainment industry. The wings are little because it only takes a little spark to want me to start something. Take my music blog Ride the Tempo for example. It started out as an idea and a way for me to share music I liked with the world. A year later, the blog has grown to have a focused Canadian perspective and a pretty decent niche following. I still love it, and all the music I receive on a daily basis because of it. It’s still something I’m quite passionate about and work very hard to maintain and I”ll always be thinking about how to make it bigger and better. The little wings symbolize that I’m always growing as a person and trying to be the best for myself.

And hey, my tattoo just happens to be in a convenient enough size and place that I can buy clothes that just happen to have a hole in the back right there.

I’m curious, what does your tattoo mean to you? I hope it does mean something, and you don’t just have an dragon or some really arbitrary asian word. If you’re thinking of getting one make it have a meaning, or it’s probably not worth it later on.