Make Walking Fun With Wokamon


If you want something other than Pokémon GO to help encourage you to walk, try out Wokamon. It’s an adorable monster collecting game that syncs with Health Kit, Fitbit or Jawbone on your iPhone and Android. You don’t need to have the app open like Pokemon, just go about your day.


I don’t even have to have my phone on me since I have the Apple Watch. I just click on the pink heart icon to sync my health data and watch my little dudes level up. So far I have 3 monsters but I will walk to collect them all!

You can also buy monsters accessories and planets that help gain more experience per step. Each monster has their own set of accessories.


There’s even a handy dandy chart to see how  many steps were walked per day and the most active times.

I love this colourful app and it’s so cute I can’t resist walking and being the master of all the Wokamons.