Wreck This Journal #9

I avoided the journal for a while because I failed at finishing it all in December. I came to the realization that it’s not something I should necessarily set a deadline for because that isn’t the point in the journal. It’s an escape, a release and at the same time it’s supposed to be fun. It’s not a project that can have a deadline.

So I picked it up again with something easy first:

scribble scribble scribble

Wreck This Journal #8

More than half of December is already over, and there are still many unfinished pages to go. I think I counted over 90 challenges total and I’m not sure if I even did half that many yet. I want to stick to my goal and finish the entire book of challenges by the end of the year.

I love having someone to go through the adventure with. It makes it that much more entertaining. It also helps to have someone that isn’t as personal attached to the book, who will push you to actually destroy it.

Wreck This Journal #7

I was pretty distracted last week, so I have a ton of journal wrecking to catch up on if I want to finish this thing before the new year. I wanted to draw you something cool with an endless line, but somehow it turned into a some sort of toddler’s attempt to draw turtles. I don’t know what I was thinking.

Wreck This Journal #6

I have been a bit distracted this week in terms of finding time to wreck journal. IT WILL BE FINISHED BY THE END OF THIS YEAR I SWEAR.

Wreck This Journal #5

After doing the page where I had to bring the book to the shower with me, the book got pretty wrecked. I think that sort of started me wanting to ruin it more, since it already is. I’m finally breaking out of that shell of not wanting to ruin the book. Now I can’t wait to see what is left of it when it is all over.

Wreck This Journal #4

Here’s another update on my Wreck This Journal journey. I realize I actually have quite a ways to go in order to finish this entire thing by the end of the year, so you might see much bigger posts to come.

Wreck This Journal #3

Here’s an update on my Wreck This Journal journey. For some reason I made a Tumblr of this and so far the responses have been good and I keep getting reblogged for some reason.

Wreck This Journal #2

Here’s another progress on my journal wrecking journey. I started off by doing some of the cheesy easy ones on my own such as this:
Naturally, since music is always on my mind, I thought I might as well right the word a million billion times. Woot, made some shapes out of it too.