Date Night @ Actinolite

A few years ago when Nash and I were underemployed, we’d walk past Actinolite and joked that one day we would go there when we could afford it. Though we’ve had just as fancy meals already, I finally remembered to actually go here so we did it for our Christmas dinner date.

We chose to do the full Chef’s Menu and the wine pairing. The first was a beautiful apple salad.

Then there was a snack of salmon and capers.

I couldn’t stop eating the perfect sourdough bread and butter from the town of Actinolite, a town in Central Ontario.

This dish of root vegetables (beets, pickled onion, turnip & more) was flavourful and delicious

Jerusalem artichoke sat delicately above oysters.

Hen of the woods in elderberry and pine butter was probably our favourite dish.

This was a duck dish, but I ate it before I took a photo. It was just that good!

I did not know carrots could be elevated so much until I had these blackened ones.

This ice cream with butternut squash and toasted lichen was a lovely complex dessert.

Finishing off the night were these biscuits with marshmallow.

This meal was definitely worth the wait and our years-long excitement of going here!

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Chefs Plate: Cajun Tilapia

Tonight’s Chef’s Plate meal was a Cajun Tilapia served with quinoa, kale, tomatoes and corn.

It was easy to make and had a lot of seasonal ingredients. Everything tasted as colourful as it looked. This was such a perfect summer dish.

If you want to try out Chefs plate use my code: #3platesFromtianafeng for 3 free plates!

Burgers @ Les Trois Garçons

During my Sunday in Quebec City, I stopped by a local burgery (is that a word?) named Les Trois Garçons for lunch. I ordered a burger called Les Charlevoix with double AAA ground beef paties, 1608 and Hercule cheese from Charlevoix, fried and carmelized onions, artisanal bacon and a bourbon BBQ sauce which was so tasty. This burger was perfect and juicy.

I had a drink called The Canadian and it was kind of like an old fashioned with a hint of maple syrup.

There were around 15 burgers on the menu but I only had time to try the one. Guess I’ll have to make it back to Quebec sometime!
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Muskoka Roastery: Howling Wolf


In my latest coffee adventure I decided to try the Muskoka Roastery’s “Howling Wolf”. This one was actually available at Longo’s.

The roast was a medium dark roast. It was full of flavour but smooth enough that people usually into medium roasts can still enjoy it.

What are your favourite non-commercial coffee beans? I want to try them all!

Easy DIY Tortilla Chips!


We love tacos and at our local grocery store they sell fresh corn tortillas shelves that aren’t the generic Dempster kind. There are so many in a package for like $2 that sometimes they would expire before we finished them. So what do I do with the older tortillas? Make them into chips of course. It’s super easy!

First you cut them into triangle pieces (or I suppose any shape you wish). Then you rub them with a tiny bit of olive oil. Oil isn’t totally necessary but I find it tastes better and won’t stick to the pan. Then you stick them in the oven for approximately 15 minutes at 350 degrees Farenheit. Voila! Easy tortilla chips for eating salsa or fancy cheese.


I Need Water

I need water
I thought I’d be recovered from Wayhome but it must be the heat here in Toronto. It’s like 35 degrees and I feel like I need to constantly be drinking 10 gallons of water or I’m going to die. I think I may have caught a cold which is also part of it. Blog you later when I’m slightly more alive.. now back to drinking more water.

Home of the Brave

My friend had heard of Home of the Brave because of their ridiculous soft-serve and so we decided to hit it up for dinner! We didn’t have a reservation so we had to wait around 30 minutes for a table on a Thursday night. The restaurant does a twist on classic American cuisine.

IMG_1831I ordered the Chicken and Waffles which had crispy sourdough waffles, a spiced maple syrup drizzle of sour cream. Before going here, someone told us that they thought there was too much syrup but I actually thought the amount of syrup was perfect! I dipped everything in it and the chicken still remained crunchy.

IMG_1833My friend ordered the Home of the Brave Burger with house ground ribeye, HOTB pickle mayo, house American cheese, tomato and lettuce.

IMG_1834Another had the 76er Philly Cheesesteak with shaved ribeye, caramelized onion, red chilli, melted cheddar, chives.

IMG_1829We ordered a few cocktails which were totally better than the ones at the Luckyrice event I attended.

IMG_1839And finally soft serve! I had the Presidential Pretzel with vanilla, caramel, granny apple, pretzel and Skor crumble. I also shared the Chocolate Peanut Butter EpiPen with my friend. It was so full of peanuts!

Here is us enjoying our soft serve:

We enjoyed all our food (the chicken & waffles and soft serve especially) and we’ll definitely come again to eat more ice cream!

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Happy National Ice Cream Month

July is National Ice Cream month! Have you been celebrating? It’s a great excuse to go eat some ice cream. The official National Ice Cream Day is July 19th but our work decided to celebrate it earlier. Any excuse to eat ice cream is good enough for me.

Delucious Delivery!


Last Thursday, I was lucky enough to sample an order from Delucious, a new delivery service by Mom & Son team Mark and Lucy. Their mission is to help you eat more veggies. At the same time, this would aid Mark in helping his mom work less hours a week as a chef. If they could fulfill 100 orders a week, it would be enough.


They focus on traditional Korean side dishes. Our samples included Kimchi, seaweed stem, coleslaw, radish, spinach and bean sprouts. At the moment, Mark and Lucy only deliver between 7-11pm on Thursdays. Our order arrived at 8pm, personally delivered by Mark.

Everything was fresh, and generously seasoned. It was like I was eating a home cooked meal in a traditional Korean kitchen! As you know, Nash and I have had plenty of meals around Koreatown. They also have a suggested quick Instameal where you just put all the veggies over a bowl of rice and top it with a fried egg for a quick Bibimbap!

You can order your own sides from

Thanks Delucious for the complimentary order!