Static Zine Love Issue!


I totally forgot to tell you the newest issue of Static Zine is out. The theme for this issue is Love.


I submitted an edited version of my story about buying my boyfriends watches.


You can find the zine in Toronto at independent cafés or pick up a copy at Static Cloud’s Etsy store! Connect with real people on their stories and art on different topics or you can follow Static Zine on Twitter and find out how to submit your stories for the next issue.

Static Zine #11- Body


Yesterday, the Static Zine family celebrated the release of Issue #11 at Christie Pits with a mini picnic of treats and goodies.


We were lucky enough to have perfect weather and Sasha Chapin played some music, attracting more potential zine readers.


This month’s theme is Body and contains stories, illustrations and art detailing people’s relationships with their bodies. The issue will be available around Toronto at Sonic Boom and in random indie cafes. They should also be available soon on Etsy.


So far I’ve contributed to 5-11 zines and will keep submitting. You can purchase some of the back issues for $1 on Static Cloud.

I really enjoy being a part of this mini community that shares a piece of themselves through art and writing!

I Went to A Zine Fair!

zine2A few weeks ago, I attended my first Canzine, a zine and underground culture fair in Toronto hosted by Broken Pencil Magazine. There were a lot of things for sale from indie publishers including zines, comics, prints, posters and more. It was an inspirational experience and motivated me to want to maybe create something for Canzine 2015.

I did however contribute a comic to Static Zine‘s “Milestone” issue which I was lucky enough to pick up in colour! Static is put together by some good friends and contains all sorts of stories and art based on the issue’s theme.

zine3I received this adorable drawing by comic artist Sam Noir.

On our way down the stairs, we were approached by a strange man selling comics from his trench coat. His name was Steven Trigg and his book “Things I’ve Thought” are illustrated jokes that are so lame they are awesome. Nash ended up buying a copy.

If you’re interested in zines and pretty paper, one of my friends write a great blog about them called Paper Trail Diary.

Static Zine #9- Food

photo 1
Static Zine is a DIY (maga)zine from Toronto, edited by a few of my blogger friends. I’ve been contributing since the previous issue on mental health. The topic for Issue 9 was food, so of course I couldn’t resist contributing again!

photo 2Here’s my page, a comic that expresses the importance of sharing similar dining preferences in a relationship. The zine publishes 3x a year: March, June & October and features a different topic every issue. Contributors can design and write whatever on their page so it leads to some very delightful and creative pages! Issues can be found throughout Toronto but if you’re from out of town they are also available on Etsy for $2.