Anomia, Topple, Carmen Sandiego, Labyrinth Board Games

game6Another day at Snakes and Lattes led to more board game adventures. This time there was four of us, which opened up more possibilities and challenges.
game7In The aMAZEing Labyrinth players pushed the maze in different directions until they could reach all their treasures. The funny part about this game was that the treasure cards and the ones on the board sometimes looked nothing alike.

Like the TV show, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? you solved crimes by answering geography questions. I suck at geography but some of the questions were obvious and the board (which was a map) definitely helped.
We couldn’t figure out how to play Pairs in Pears because the instructions were gone. Even after we looked it up on our phones I still think we played wrong because as we chose our 26 tiles none of us had enough vowels to make any words!
game8Topple is pretty self-explanatory and none of us ended up toppling it over. So do we all win?
game3My favourite discovery of the day was Anomia, the card game. Players took turn flipping over cards from the deck. If we had symbols that matched we had to yell a thing related to what the card said. For example if it said “Seafood” the opposing player with the same symbol had to name a seafood. The player who collected the most cards won. It was hilarious when players pointed to the matching card but couldn’t get the right word out!