The Things You’ll Sleep Through

Last night, two of the houses across from my parent’s engulfed in flames. This happened at around 5am in the morning. The cause of the fire is still unknown, though I think lightning (there was a storm last night) was ruled out.T he weirdest thing was none of us even had a clue until around 11am when my piano students told us they had trouble getting into our street. We had slept through a serious fire which burnt down two rooftops.

Maybe it was for the better that we weren’t awake. What would we have done? Maybe we would have needlessly packed up our stuff and fled to a safer area. Or idiotically stood around the fire scene taking photos while worrying if the fire would spread onto further houses.

We were thankfully safe from the fire and I’m kind of glad we all slept through it.

Power Wallet



My favourite new daily accessory is the Power Wallet from The Photojojo. It’s a super functional faux-leather wallet/clutch that has a built in battery for charging my phone.




Inside it came with instructions and an adapter for my iPhone 5S. The battery can be charged by plugging the USB end to your computer or Apple blocks. On full charge, the wallet can charge around 1 and a half iPhones to full.



The phone fits right in when you are charging it so you can use it as a mini clutch. There are also many slots and sections for coins, cash and cards. Now I’m ready for a night on the town without my phone dying on me!

I Got My Haircut

After years of either cutting my hair myself or going to First Choice, I decided to find a real hair stylist. I wanted one that was in my neighbourhood and looked trendy. Since I had no loyalty to literally anywhere, I had no idea where to start if I were to call places for appointments.

Instead, I decided that I would take a walk on my half-day (Fridays) and find a place in my area that would take walk-ins and looked trendy at the same time. There are a lot that don’t fit neither description in the area. However, I landed in Salon AF and their staff was very welcoming. I was paired with a stylist named Suzy and she listened to all my requests. I found this important because I find that sometimes stylists do more of what they want instead of really listening to the customer which was my fear with cheaper walk-in places.

I wanted to freshen up my flat hair with some layers, but at the same time not look like a bush. I didn’t want it too short and to have real blunt bangs that looked like they have a purpose being there. I got exactly what I wanted and am super with my happy with my haircut. Plus a bonus is that the salon offers free bang trims between cuts so no more ruining my own hair.

Thanks Salon AF! I will definitely be back (with an appointment) for my next cut and/or colour.

Desserts @ OCHO


My friend Melody and I recently stopped into Hotel Ocho for desserts and a drink. We are strangely similar people and we managed to order the exact same thing. A Raspberry Crême Brûlée with strawberries and shortbread. It was very delicious and had a sweet raspberry sauce to dip the cookie or spoon in!


It was also half price martini night, and I couldn’t resist ordering what was called I’m Sorry Your Face. Isn’t that a hilarious name for a cocktail? Anyways it was vodka, mango juice and sprite. It went down super easily.

While we didn’t have any of the meals yet, I can highly recommend the dessert and cocktail menu!
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Trying Not To Give Too Many Fucks

Teddy not giving a fuck
Teddy not giving a fuck

Today I stumbled across Mark Manson’s article about the Subtle Art Of Not Giving a Fuck. Something about it really struck a cord with me (maybe it was the 127 instances of the word fuck screwing with my brain). Anyways, what I learnt from it is that I give too many fucks, that I care too much about too many things, something we all do.

 An important point that Manson made was that  “not giving a fuck”  is not the same as being indifferent. Choosing to be indifferent still requires conscious effort to tell people you care indeed indifferent and therefore you are “giving a fuck”.

The goal instead should be to only “give a fuck” about the things that matter. For example, do more things to satisfy yourself instead of considering too much about what others might say. Or taking risks without thinking too much about all the consequences. It’s about being comfortable with being different.

I find I care (or at least use to) too much about things I read on the Internet: slactivist petitions, news stories, debates etc. In reality putting too much thought in these is a waste of time and energy if my heart isn’t truly in it. How many times have you signed a petition blindly just because your friends are doing it? Or became outspoken about something you don’t even completely understand just because it’s “the thing to do”?

For now on, I want to give less fucks about things. The events I am missing, the things other people are saying, gossip, small useless details. I don’t give a fuck about the things people think I should give a fuck about.

Instead, I will focus all my energy in the things that I do give a fuck about including passions, family and friends.

Let’s raise a glass to giving less fucks!

Heart Flowers & Orchids

Spring means flowers are in bloom! Here are some random photos I took while I was back home






Video Round-Up: More Music!

Started working summer hours today, meaning longer hours 4 days a week to get Friday off. Time for a quick video round-up before I head off to the next thing.

First I went to a Women in Music showcase:

Then I went to a rap show:

Then I went to the Osheaga showcase at CMW:

Enjoy! I’ll have some more non-music vlogs soon!

Why I Love Brunch

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Having brunch on the weekends has been a regular occurrence lately and I think it may be my all-time favourite meal. Here’s why I love brunch:

  • It means the weekend has arrived and is a nice way to wind down
  • It has to be somewhat planned in advance so it’s a thing to look forward to all week
  • Brunch seems like a simple meal, but in Toronto the options can get complicated and creative. You can even find all sorts of cultural brunches around town.
  • Great way to catch up with friends/boyfriend because they are often available for brunch and most likely love brunch too
  • I love Eggs Benedicts
  • You can have alcohol early in the day (mimosas, ceasars etc)
  • Excuse to eat more bacon

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What do you think of brunch? Do you love it or hate it?

New Camera Backpack!

I bought myself a new camera backpack from Johansen Camera Bags. All the bags on their website are super cute and fashionable, just what I was looking for in a camera bag.

What I love most about it is that it doesn’t scream camera bag like some of the ones you see at Henry’s or Vistek. There’s even a section for a laptop that fits my Mac Air perfectly. Now I can look good while carrying all my precious gear on location.

Photoshop Magnets


My fridge is pretty bare at the moment so as a part of my recent Photojojo shopping spree, I got these awesome Photoshop magnets.


The magnets come in two sheets which include tools and panels that parody the real thing. There is even a dialog box and the Apple swirling ball of death if you are so inclined to include that.


I decided to decorate it with one of my Origrami prints of Teddy! Doesn’t it almost look just like a Photoshop screen?