Friends tell friends when… sauce is on sale!

We’re currently obsessed Valentina’s black label sauce. It’s so full of flavour!

What is your favourite hot sauce?

I <3 Dark Lipstick 

I love dark lip stick lately. It makes me feel powerful and in charge of how I want to look and present myself. It’s fun and bold because it requires a bit of courage to wear in public. 

What’s your fav dark lip shade? 

Topbox – May 2017 Edition

Honestly, I was kind of disappointed in May’s Topbox. Two of the samples were super tiny and the Colgate Optic White toothbrush thing they threw in as an extra expires in June.

This Superstart sample from Elizabeth Arden had only a squirt of product!

I’ll save this Black Magic mascara from Eyeko for night adventures as it is waterproof and dramatic.

The Benefit Pore Professional thing came in a box, but the balm itself was tiny!

The Cake Desserted Island supreme body mousse feels super rich and has a nice fresh scent.

I can always use a new toothbrush but the whitening pen in here will expire soon. It must’ve been leftovers from a previous box or something.

I really liked the April Topbox so it was a shame this one kind of sucked. Oh well, that’s it for me and beauty boxes for a while. Need to free up some space and save up for the wedding.

Magikarp Jump

I just downloaded the goofiest game on my phone called Magikarp Jump! As a Pokémon lover, I couldn’t resist something themed around the most useless Pokémon of all!

The game is pretty strange, the premise is to train Magikarps to jump higher and higher. It’s almost like a more adorable version of those fish collecting games, except really you are just collecting Magikarps.

Holika Holika x Gudetama Face 2 Change Photo Ready Cushion BB

I know I told myself I would stop buying so much makeup before using some up but I couldn’t resist this Gudetama BB cream from Holika Holika.

The sales person recommend me 23 neutral beige for summer in case I can a bit. The product has SPF 50. It came in a variety of designs but I liked this one the most. It also comes with a refill for the compact, so it’s kind of like two portions in one.

The puff itself is also a Gudetama! The packaging is just so adorable I couldn’t resist.

In terms of coverage, it was a light coverage that lasts around 5 hours. You do get a little bit of shine, so not recommended if you are a particularly oily person who doesn’t like shine. It works perfectly with my highlighter and blush though so I don’t mind it.

My Bridesmaids Said Yes!

I haven’t planned too much of my wedding besides the date, but I thought the next step was to ask my bridesmaids. I decided on a wedding party of 3. My maid of honour is my best friend from the East Coast. My other bridesmaids are my sister and a longtime friend.

I had no doubt on who I wanted in my wedding party. One was a family of course, but the other two were people who no matter where they go in the world, when we’re together it’s like we were never apart. It takes a special bond to feel that way and I know I want them with me on my special day.

How did I ask? I got everyone special bridesmaid cards (they are hard to find) and also bought matching rose gold earrings from Pandora. Nash and I are contemplating a light orange and pale purple theme, so they fit with whatever outfits!

I can’t wait to continue planning even though I don’t know where to start!

TIO’s Urban Mexican

Tonight we happened to be in the Yonge & Eglington area looking for something to eat. Tio’s Urban Mexican looked like a cute spot so we decided to try it. We started with some chips, guac and pico de gallo. I liked that their chips were a mixture of potato and taro.

To drink I had a classic Paloma with grapefruit juice and tequila.

Nash ordered the Alambre: A popular mexican dish consisting of grilled beef topped with chopped bacon, peppers, caramelized onion jam, cheese and guacamole. It was served with crispy tostadas. I loved the sweet onion jam and the juicy steak.

I had the pork belly tacos with hoisin jus, onion jam, crispy carrot chips and orange crema. It was an interesting combination of sweet and savory.

Our food was super flavourful and we ordered the perfect amount for the two of us. It is slightly more expensive than other Mexican places but maybe that’s what the “Urban” in the name describes.

Tio's Urban Mexican Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

nomakenolife – May 2017 Edition

This month’s nomakenolife box was themed beauty must-haves.

This Brigitte lasting liquid liner is super precise and dries fast. It also doesn’t smear easily. The only slightly weird thing is it came in brown. I’m used to wearing black eyeliner daily, but I think this will be good for subtle work looks.

This Mentrum Petrolleum jelly is a natural multi-purpose product for maintaining moisture in skin. It doesn’t have any smells or dyes so good for babies and people with sensitive skin.

Love Switch’s oil treatment mascara has a smooth application. It’s full of beauty oils like avocado, hazelnut, camelia seed and more. It’s also waterproof but makes my lashes feel healthier when I’m wearing it.

This coral lip tint from Brigitte is a subtle pink and tastes fruity because of the fruit extracts that are in it. I love how most of these products infuse natural food essences into them.

The last item was a brush. At first, I was kind of disappointed to get the brush but after using it with my BB cream I love it. It helps create a naturally dewy look by spreading the product even throughout. It’s so much more effective than a beauty blender.

I’m excited to give all these products a whirl, and they will find a use in my makeup collection!

I’m taking a bit of a break from make-up boxes for financial reasons (need to save for that wedding!), but final Top Box post coming soon.

When you go get ice cream too much..

You know you go to your favourite ice cream store too much when you end up on their Instagram! Lansdowne Cone is hands down one of the best ice cream parlours in the city. Their no-nonsense flavours are the best. It’s not about toppings. It’s all about the ice cream.

They also make an effort to hire youth with disabilities, which I think is awesome. Like I need an excuse to eat more ice cream. Hahaha.


I finally received my free seeds from the Honey Nut Cheerios Bring Back the Bees campaign.  The premise is to get people to plant more flowers, in hopes that it will attract more bees.

It’s not that viable to plant stuff in the city, so I’m hoping my parents garden will love the new addition of wildflowers.