Facebook is a Reflex.. Not an Addiction

I swear, I’m not addicted to Facebook. It has become a reflex where I type an f into the address bar on Google Chrome and find myself staring at the blue and white pages that is Facebook. Sometimes I look at it just wondering why on earth I am there, most of the time there’s nothing exciting on it anyway. In the past 5 years, it has become such a frequent part of my life that it has become like a reflex every time a browser window is opened. Sometimes, I even open it when I already have a tab of it open elsewhere.

Who am I kidding? It is an addiction. In addition, now with all the strange new features I seem to be visiting it even more frequently. Whether it is because I am slightly OCD and need to filter out my new “timeline profile”, or to keep up with the twitter-like feed thing, I seem to be on it far more than I’d like to be. I mean, how else would I keep up with the people who I hardly ever talk to liking things constantly? That must be part of their evil plan.

I’m all for the evolution and updating of Facebook, we can’t stop it. We’ll complain every update but no matter what, we can’t seem to leave it.

Damn you Facebook, get out of my fingers.

Tumblr is Not Twitter

I’ve been noticing a growing amount of my friends with “blogs” or what they say are blogs but in reality are just re-posts of photographs, or quotes. This reminds me a great deal of Twitter retweets. It might be Tumblr’s intention to act as Twitter’s visual competition but I preferred it more as a quick and simple blogging platform. I mean, why would I follow a blog that just reblogs others when I can follow the ones that create original content? Maybe people prefer the visual aspect of Tumblr, but now there is also Google + which introduces the same idea of a visual Twitter.. but even on twitter I don’t follow people that just retweet. Be original!

I am a user of Tumblr, but because I love the simplicity of it for my comic blog. I love when my stuff gets reblogged. I follow a fair amount of original twitters such as Accidental Penis and FOR MOTHER VOLCANO BAKEMEAT which are awesome and original ideas for blogs. I guess this is a semi-rant to those with blogs that only reblog. Why would I follow you? You might be awesome at collecting neat stuff (photos, quotes, videos, jokes), but so am I.

Do you follow blogs that reblog? Why?

Meet Teddy, New Puppy and Baby Brother

Three weeks ago, our family spontaneously decided to get a puppy. We fell in love with a group of bichipoo puppies we found on Kijiji and set out to choose one. Now we have a 13 week old puppy we named Teddy. He is 3/4 Bichon Frise and 1/4 poodle.