Rosedale Diner


I don’t venture North of Bloor that often, but recently I had dinner with my friends at Rosedale Diner. I went for their Prix Fixe menu and started with the Duck Liver Paté served with pickled red onions, delicious fruit chutney that I spread on crostini. I think I could keep eating that chutney!



To pair with my meal I had the Paloma: grapefruit, tequila, soda, lime and salt.


My main was the Steak Frites: a flat iron steak, compound butter and asparagus. I loved the garlicy butter and the steak was very tender. The fries had just the right amount of salt.


My friend Karol had the Duck Poutine which was made with duck confit, Quebec cheese curds, duck gravy and crackling.


The prix fixe came with dessert and I opted for the creme brûlée, a classic finisher.

The Prix Fixe starts at $29, and with a large selection of flavourful entrees and mains,  the Rosedale Diner is both a satisfying and value meal.


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I Met Pompomchewy!


Yesterday, I met Toronto Instagram celeb @Pompomchewy! I totally didn’t realize his owner is one of my old roommates from university.


He’s so tiny and adorably fluffy.


And loves to wear his clothes! He jumps when you open his clothes cupboard and assists you in putting on his clothes.


Funny outtake of him yawning.

I don’t even turn on notifications for my family 

If you have been on Instagram these pass few days, you probably come across a lot of posts pointing to the 3 dots in the top right corner telling and a message telling you to “turn on notifications”.

That function has been there forever. Brands and influencer are currently scared that an upcoming algorithm chance will make them less popular with their followers.

While this may be the case, popular things tend to rank better if you have looked at any other network. In fact the only people who the timeline change would possibly affect would be those with few likes (likely because their posts are unpopular or annoying).

Turning on notifications would just flood your already  flooded phone with more pop ups. That’s something I don’t even do for people I like.

New Toy: Apple Watch


Over the weekend, I got my hands on a new toy! My very own Apple Watch. The box is so inconspicuous.


I opted for the stainless steel black Apple Watch with a black milanese loop. It’s a newer style that was introduced after last week’s Apple Event. Originally, I was going to get a new phone, but the iPhone SE felt uninspired. I thought that money would be better spent on a wearable instead and since I seem to have everything Apple, I went with the Apple Watch.

My family has Pebbles and they are a good value in terms of functionality and price. However, for me the one thing missing was always a more comprehensive ability to answer calls and texts. With the Apple Watch you can do both which is kind of like a 90s sci-fi lover’s dream come true.

I fell in love with some of the other functions upon using it. For instance, the Activity monitor will remind to stand up every 50 minutes if I’ve been sitting too much. I also like monitoring my heart rate with Heart Watch.

In addition, I spend less time unnecessarily checking my phone. I can read all texts quickly on the watch before deciding if I need to do any further actions. Quick replies are available as pre-populated messages or emojis. You can also dictate your replies, but I probably wouldn’t do that in public or I’d look silly.

I’ve still yet to discover the full potential of what my Apple Watch can do but I’m super excited about this new toy.

The Rest Of Us Just Live Here

I liked the general themes of Patrick Ness’ The Rest of Us Just Live Here, more than the execution of the story.

In this book, as crazy events unfold in the background by Indie Kids (yes there are strange mystical hipsters), Mikey and his friends live somewhat ordinary lives as teenagers about to graduate high school. Mikey wants to find out what is going on, why the Indie Kids are dying, but realizes throughout that he isn’t, and doesn’t need to be the hero of this story.

My gripes with this book is that while I tried to sympathize with Mikey and his OCD, he eventually became super annoying. A lot of it read like someone constantly feeling sorry for himself for not having the girl of his dreams, or way too fixated on being jealous of Nathan, when it was obvious he didn’t need to be.

I also didn’t find the characters that relatable. Sure they suffered things like anorexia, OCD, and teen love but it read at times like it was written for someone without that much experience in the area. In the end it was a bit tedious to finish.

Nanoblock Grand Piano


The latest in my Nanoblock collection is this adorable grand piano. I was able to find it at my local Toys R Us.


This one had more pieces than the Eevee I built earlier.


However, I found the instructions more straightforward and easier to build.


Look how tiny it is!

My First UberEats Experience!

Yesterday, I was really in the mood for some cake to make me feel better about the horrible news. It was ice raining all day so I decided not to leave the house and try out UberEats.
I looked through regular take-out places like Just-Eat but they only had regular things you would order for take-out such as pizza, Thai or Chinese food. Uber Eats provided me with other options from higher end restaurants. I got super excited when I found a place with 3 desserts and ordered all three.

After I placed my order I could watch on a live timeline the status of the delivery. Once it was picked up, I was able to see where exactly my driver was. When he was close to my front door, I went out and grabbed my three desserts!

Man, now I’ll never need to leave the house ever again.



Today we finally heard the verdict on a case where 23 women came forward against a popular media personality. Only 3 testified in court. He was found not guilty.

Throughout the trial, it was never questioned whether the assaults happened. Rather, the victim’s credibility was put on trial. There was even video evidence that violence of some sort of occurred, and that was the ain reason he was fired from his profession. Somehow, whether or not this violence was consent was the main topic during the trial.

It was concluded that he could not possibly be guilty because the victims changed their stories and that they contacted him after the fact. But it is proven in domestic violence cases and sex trafficking that the abused often fall for their abusers. That doesn’t mean it’s right.

It’s no wonder that 20 people didn’t bother to testify, but I believe all of them.

Mmmbop Turns 20

Omg! Can you believe Hanson’s Mmmbop turned 20 today? I remember as an 8 year old I would sit religiously in front of the TV on Friday’s to watch the music video on Hitlist. 20 years later the band is still a money-making business. They even have their own line of beer. I can’t believe it’s been 20 years.

We must all be getting old

Ride the Tempo Presents Partner @ CMW


I am proud my second Ride the Tempo show! This time in partnership with NeXT and The Silver Dollar at Canadian Music Week. The show will feature Sackville’s Partner as the headliner along with all female-fronted rock acts. It’s going to be a night of fun!

Join the Facebook event here: