We’re at Hillside 

We’re at Hillside this weekend. There’s no Pokemon Go here but we are having a blast checking out music and getting to chill in the lake. If you are here too come say hi! 

I Once Got Lost In Square One

This is not Square one haha. This is a photo with my back facing it.

It’s amazing how places change in your life time. I grew up in Mississauga and I saw the evolution of Square One. I always thought it was a giant mall, but now it’s like a fancy maze that would take you the whole day to walk through.

When I was 5, I got lost in Square one. I had just acquired a box of pink and purple nerds from a store that was kind of like Biway and was very distracted by reading it. I didn’t get cool candy a lot as a child so it was an exciting occasion.

I looked up from the box to realize that everyone was gone. I had just started school but I was smart enough to find the help desk and very incorrectly tell them my address because I told them I lived on some highway.

Anyway, eventually I found my parents because they made an intercom announcement about a lost child. I don’t know why but this memory still is very vivid in my mind. It was a scary experience back then but it must be insane to get lost in current state of the mall.

Do you have any funny stories about getting lost as a child?


Doggy Print

This doggy print shirt completed my life #latergram #ootd

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Simons, a department store from Quebec recently opened in Mississauga. My sister and I went scouring the racks last weekend. My favourite finds were a blouse and a shirt that both had terrier prints.

I have a theme going on this week haha #ootd

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Aren’t they so cute? Now I can show my doggy love at work!

Twix Spread 

img_3902 My cousin brought this strange foreign spread into my life. I’d had Twix, the chocolate bar before but have never seen a spread made from it. He also had a Maltesers one but the idea of that is gross enough.

Anyways, the Twix spread is smooth and strangely less sweet than a jar of Nutella. It also has a nutty texture that goes nicely on toast but a little awkward for putting in coffee (because I like to do that for some reason).

What other strange spreads are out there that I don’t know about?

I’m Featured in Format!

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 8.13.47 PM

My friend Matt interviewed me for Format Magazine a while back and the story finally got published here. Some of my fellow concert photographers and weigh in on tips and tricks in the world of live music photography.

Squad Goals is Not Feminism

You’re probably already sick and tired of hearing about the Taylor Swift/Kim Kardashian feud. I’m not really here to talk about the specifics of the feud but as the whole thing descended down, there was one critical point that kept being made.

People called it anti-feminist for Kim to attack Taylor or for any girls to critique this whole situation. That I do find problematic.

Feminism does not mean women have to like all other women. It is the freedom to decide for ourselves who we like. Think Drake and Meek Mills’ fight. Nobody labelled it anything more than a feud.

Feminism is fighting for the same equality as men. It is not posting photos with exclusive celebrities and hashtagging it #squadgoals, who typically are the type of people who bully me in highschool. It is using your platform to speak up for those who can’t.

Feminism is not posing for photos with your beautiful girlfriends. It’s not something to be used as a personal brand. A fight for equal rights is never that easy.

Teddy Is Still the Best

Pokemon Go might be fun, but nothing beats a real animal! Here are some random photos of Teddy enjoying his new whale toy.





And if you don’t have your own real life dog, you can always volunteer to walk one at a shelter while you’re out catching Pokemon!

I think I tired Teddy out.