Top Canadian Albums of 2016

I’ve been having internet problems for like two weeks, so my Top Canadian Albums of 2016 chart is a little bit late but finally up here.

The list is based on contributor voting, listens and how much it moved us. Popularity of artist is not something that was put into account. Good music moves you and it doesn’t matter who makes it.

85mm Teddy

Here are some random photos of Teddy that I took with my 85mm on my 5D Mark IV. I’m still getting used to the camera but I can’t get over the gorgeous effect I get at f1.2 on a full frame.

065a0063 065a0067 065a0087 065a0187

I’m Taking a Web Development Course

Last night, I started my first class at Brain Station in Intro to Web Development.

I’ve had websites since I was 9 years old. My first website was a Pokemon gifs site on Geocities that would crash your computer because it had too many moving gifs.

I’ve moved on since and my two current sites, RIde the Tempo and this blog, which are both lovely in their own right but I’ve never built a site from scratch.

At a young age, I was good at deconstructing existing templates or WordPress themes but not writing the code from the ground up.

Hopefully in my 10 weeks at Brain Station, I’ll come closer to be able to build something of my own. I’ll keep you updated on my progress and what it’s realistically like to be at a tech bootcamp. I found the first class rather easy and basic, but I still learned some style tips.

Can’t wait for next Thursday!

Explore Canada’s Parks Free This Year


This year is Canada’s 150th birthday and to celebrate Parks Canada is giving away Free Parks Discover Passes for the year!

I ordered mine and it already arrived in the mail. I hope to explore Canada’s beautiful nature sites once the weather gets warmer.

Photos: Partner, Lonely Parade, The Seams @ Silver Dollar

I took my Canon 5D Mark IV out last week for the first time. Below are some of my favourite photos. You can find the full set here.

Brunch @ Fat Pasha

img_6511Nash and I always go for brunch on New Years and we never make reservations. We actually walked into a few of our favourite spots but we woke up late and they were all full. I’ve never been to Fat Pasha but they had seats so that is where we ended up!

Their specialty is Middle Eastern food, which is probably why it wasn’t most people’s first pick for a post-hangover brunch, but I found something that was close enough: The verscht and eggs (which I ordered poach) came with a crunchy hash and charred toast. I loved the marmalade or whatever that came with it and smothered it over everything. The verscht, grilled pieces of kosher salami, were delicious.

Nash had a reuben sammie with browned crispy bread that provided all the right textures to this flavourful sandwich.


We also had an order of falafel as an appetizer. They were really good but we totally didn’t need that much food!

Fat Pasha Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Hidden Figures

I watched the movie Hidden Figures over the weekend with a group of girl friends (and a few guys who tagged along).

The movie is based on the true story of 3 smart African American women who were integral to NASA’s mission to get John Glenn into orbit. I loved the movie. There were some tear jerking moments and others where I wanted to yell “you go girl!” at the screen.

Katherine G Johnson, the movies’s main character made math seem like the most badass thing. The real Katherine G Johnson still lives today at 98 and calculated the trajectories, launch windows, and emergency back-up return paths for many flights including the early NASA missions of John Glenn and Alan Shepard, the 1969 Apollo 11 flight to the Moon, and even early plans for the Mission to Mars. She wasn’t awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom until 2015, when she was 97, by Barack Obama.

Anyways, Hidden Figures is a movie everyone should watch and has more life lessons than the other space movie in theatres.

Beauty By Earth Lip Balm


Winter means my lips can get super dry and that doesn’t make putting on lipstick easy! I have a lot of EOS lip balms but they never really work that well so I wanted to find some Beeswax Lip Balm.

I found this set of 4 Beauty By Earth Peppermint flavoured Beeswax Lip Balms on Amazon for only $10. That’s like half the price of Burts Bees.


The packaging is very simple and so are the ingredients. Nothing sounded weird and mysterious. The balm itself has a nice tingling mint sensation and keeps my lips moisturized without feeling greasy.

I love discovering new brands with affordable prices online!

Tiny Camera USB


When I purchased my new camera, I got a bunch of free goodies and one of them was this tiny USB that is a replica of the Canon 5D mark III. It even came in a similar box!


The tiny camera even came with it’s own lens caps and straps.


It looks just like the real thing!


Here is my Sailor Moon Funko to scale.

San Diego Coffee: Dutch Chocolate


My sister gifted me a Bodum French Press set for Christmas that has a coffee bean grinder and hot water boiler. Now I’m excited to explore the world of coffee beans.

My first bag was San Diego Coffee’s “Dutch Chocolate” flavour, that I ordered on Amazon. It’s a Medium Roast of 100% Arabica beans. Though I’m still working out the perfect way to use the French Press, I found this coffee very smooth and light. The chocolate came through the most when the only thing added was cream. I found sugar competed with the flavours and this coffee didn’t need to be sweetened (a plus since I’m trying to cut adding sugar to coffee).

What’s your favourite coffee bean? I’m open to suggestions!