iPhone 7 Plus Unboxing


I retired my iPhone 5S this weekend in favour of the new iPhone 7 Plus. Why Apple again? Well the answer is simple, I have the rest of the ecosystem and the devices work magically together and it is personally what is best for me. 


I bought the Rose Gold 256gb phone. I broke my FIIO X1 mp3 player(which I loved) a few months ago by spilling a bottle of water on it and thought that I’d finally give into using my phone as an mp3 player. Plus, this thing is water resistant and it makes commuting less awkward without 10,000 different devices.


The phone comes with the lightning charger, and also the new wired lightning earphones.


It also comes with the controversial dongle that allows you to plug other wired headphones into the jack.


I love the colour and shape of the new phone. I’m still waiting on a case I ordered online to come so for the time being it’s naked. I’m less OCD about scratches than I used to be.

The camera is stellar and so is the battery (in comparison to older iPhones). The size is something that still takes adjusting to. Why are smartphones getting bigger?


Bonus: I bought these screen protectors on eBay that were like 3 for $7. Always buy your accessories online!

I’m currently addicted to downloading apps on the new phone. So much space means I can finally download all the music and programs I want.

Saturday Shopping

Giant coffee #selfie

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Despite it being super cold, Nash and I kicked ourselves out of the house to do some shopping. We enjoyed some giant coffee. I bought a new iPhone and a Halloween costume for Teddy. Don’t worry, I’ll blog about them both soon.

I hope your Saturday is spent doing what you want too!


Photos: Japandroids @ The Horseshoe

Japandroids finally returned to Toronto last Friday. See my full photoset here.

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I like my weather funny

I found that my Apple Weather wasn’t always accurate so I liked for something better and landed on Carrot Weather. 

Not only is it accurate but it gives you funny sentences every time you open it. There’s even notifications of impending rainfall that is going to happen within 30 minutes in your area.

Also you can send your friends the weather and confuse them with strange messages. 

L’Oreal Revitalift Bright Reveal


I received L’Oreal’s Revitalift Bright Reveal set from Influenster for testing purposes. The products promise to get rid of impurities in skin, improve complexion and reveal more brilliant skin. It is not a skin lightener.


The products come in fun looking bottles. The scrub smelled like cirtrus and had beads that helped scrub away dead skin.

I found the peeling pads a bit unnecessary but for days where I was out and about, they gave a more thorough clean. It kind of reminded me like Oxypads of the 90s.

The day moisturizer was my favourite of the products. There was a little bit of shine to it but it made my skin look like it was glowing.

I’ve been using these products for a month and I do think it has improved my complexion. I feel more confident to be out of the house with no make-up on and just the moisturizer!

Don Don Izakaya

dscf3942 I recently went to Don Don Izakaya near Yonge and Dundas. It is a place with sharing plates and there were tons of things on the menu, including tons of drinks.


The first thing I got was Jaja Beef. There was a mini grill where you cooked your own beef, asparagus, oyster mushroom, and zuchini that you could dip in a bbq sauce with miso and ponzu vinegar. The sauce was really good though you had to watch it because if there wasn’t enough butter or got to hot it would stick easily!


My favourite was this Torched sushi made with salmon, orka, green onion and mayonnaise. I hate okra normally but this one was not slimy and gave a nice texture. The whole thing melted in my mouth.


Next I had a BC tuna Smoky Hay Sashimi, which is literally seared over burning hay. According to our server it was to be eaten with a piece of radish, garlic and some salt. It definitely delivered on the smoke! It almost reminded me of ham but was a fresh fish.


To drink I had a Oolong Hi-Tea which I think had shochu in it.


For dessert I had a Brûlée Style Pudding, which was essentially a creme brûlée. The top was hot and crunchy but I found the middle cold.

While I found the food decent, it was quite expensive. The bill came out to about $70 for such small portions of food. I left feeling like I still needed a snack!

Don Don Izakaya Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Turning on the light 

SADS is hitting hard right now as the days are getting shorter. Mornings are too dark and by the time I get home from work the sun is setting. 

I take Vitamin D3 and I have started turning on my Happy Light again. I don’t generally use it in the warmer months because the sun shines longer.

Placebo or not it does work for me if I have it on for 30 minutes. I wish I could have it on my desk at work but I’m scared that it would be too weird so it’s just on my desk at home.

What are your tips for curing SADS?