Simpsons Books Continues

My Simpsons Books is still alive and kicking. There are so many it never ends.

Here are some recent favourites


Living in A Dream

I downloaded this photo app called Beauty Plus and I can’t stop playing with it. It’s from the makers of Meitu, with a slightly better interface.

I was playing around with it today and look how dreamy it made us look:

Good day for ice cream ~

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Dreamy brunch date 😍

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Time to make my life look like a dream.

Happy 25th Exclaim!

Happy 25th @exclaimdotca, my forever music family ✌🏻where many of us began our careers~

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This year is Exclaim! Magazine’s 25th birthday. They are one of Canada’s last surviving (print) music magazine. It was also where me and Nash first received some of our first industry experience. Many of my friends also had their roots there.

The Exclaim! crew is like my mini festival family and I hope they’ll be publishing for many more years!

Going Wireless With Airpods

I love the idea of being less wired, so I couldn’t resist trying the Airpods. At home, I use the Harmon Kardon Aura as my computer speakers, but on the go, it’s nice to have something compact.

Look how small the case is compared to the box! The case doubles as a charger for the earphones. I’ve had them for a week and haven’t charged it yet.

Like most mobile Apple devices, it uses the lightning cable. Now my entire house is just lightning cables and USB-Cs.

Anyways, I find the quality of these decent. I do have B&O H2’s for when I want something better, but it’s not practical always be carrying real headphones. Airpods can fit in my purse or pocket and connect to both my iPhone and Macbook in seconds! On a phone, it’s just a matter of opening the case. They also pause the music when they are removed and can activate Siri. I’m still learning all the tricks but I’ve been listening to so much more music now that it’s so easy to pull these babies out.

#CRJProm Dreams Come True

Dead for real now #crjprom

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I’ve had such a crazy week. First there was Saturday’s #CRJProm. Then coincidentally on Monday night, I had to work our awards show and I ended up have a second to chat with her about Saturday, our party, and the karaoke afterparty. She was so nice and thought our whole adventure was adorable.

So yeah, your dreams can come true, even accidentally.

New Gianni Renzi Shoes

I love leather sneakers. They give off a rockstar vibe. I had these Michael Kors ones with thin leather, but it started peeling. I noticed it was pretty bad yesterday (right before I had to work an Awards show), so I went to the store on a whim and bought these badass Gianni Renzi ones.

I have no regrets. The gold bling is worth every penny. They were a tad pricey, but the leather seems like a better quality than my old ones. I can’t wait to rock these with my wardrobe!

Bobbie Sue’s Mac + Cheese 

Over the weekend, I went to Bobbie Sue’s Mac and Cheese Stand for the first time.
I ordered the Carbonara mac which had pancetta and grana padano. The pancetta gave it a saltiness and the cheese was like a parmesan from a different part of Italy. The dish was very flavouful. I only had the small portion but it was all I needed.

Bobbie Sue's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Making the Most of the Night at #CRJProm

Last night, my friends and I had front row tickets to see Carly Rae Jepsen play with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

The @exclaimdotca #crjprom photo

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Before the show, we dressed up and had a mini prom party at a friend’s house. It was a fun surprise when we found out CRJ noticed our prom party and actually shared it with all her followers.

I πŸ‘€ you beauties dressed up for our show! Thank you @joshokane for hosting a "prom" before the concert tonight! S'cute

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I’m still freaking out about this hahaha.

Watched @carlyraejepsen play with an orchestra in front row and can't stop smiling atm #crjprom

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The show itself was pure joy. It was cool to see the Toronto Symphony Orchestra do arrangements of her biggest hits. We had a moment during “Call Me Maybe” where she sang directly to us in the front row for a moment. The way performs with huge smiles and a positive attitude stole all our hearts. We couldn’t resist getting up to dance, which is probably abnormal for normal orchestra concerts.

Thank you @carlyraejepsen and @torontosymphony for the most perfect night #crjprom

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These pop-orchestra crossovers hopefully encourage younger people to go see the TSO. Back when I was in choir, we performed the entire Mozart’s Requiem with the TSO. It was a lot of hard work, but it was one of the coolest experiences.

Anyways, after the CRJ concert, we topped it off by heading to The Abbey for karaoke. They only had a few Carly songs but by the end of the night, we treated the entire bar to all of them. #CRJprom was perfect.


When old things are cool again 

I was looking in the closets of my old drawers that are at my parent’s house and it was fun to find a bunch of PokΓ©mon things. It amazes me that something of our childhood 20 years ago has lasted so long and not really gone away.

I wonder if whenever I have children, I can pass on the PokΓ©mon love and that it would still be relevant.

Reinhart’s Red Apple Cider

I love cider, so everytime I see a new one at the LCBO I must try it. This Reinhart one is by the same people who make Apple Cider and baked goods, so they had to know what they were doing with their apples.

This cider was light, not too tart and had a crisp taste. At only 3.8% alcohol, this is more for pleasure drinking than a night out of the town.