Cyber Monday Beauty Splurges 

Ok, I am totally the worst for spending too much on make-up lately. I couldn’t resist grabbing some of Sephora’s holiday kits on Cyber Monday. Plus, they had 4 free sample bags to choose from with purchases over $25 (but let’s be real everything at Sephora is more than $25).

I grabbed The Best Bite Redux, a collection of 4 lip crayons and Smash Box’s Try It Kit. They were both awesome deals with products worth more than the set cost. Plus, I got I chose the Sephora Day-of-Soirée Swag Sample Bag which had perfumes, masks and creams for staying young!

Now off to decide my holiday party face for tonight!

Tracking the water I drink 

I have been embracing wearables and finding fun health things to track.

Something I often lack in my day is water so I am trying the Waterminder app. It has a suggested daily intake due to your weight and activity. You can then program cup sizes that you normally drink. For example a grande at Starbucks is 470ml. All liquid counts but water is the most recommended.

There are achievements to unlock and constant reminders throughout the day to remind you take sips. They appear on my Apple Watch too, which can be a tiny bit aggressive. At least now I have no excuse not to drink more water! 

My Make-Up Corner

As you can see from my previous posts, I love makeup. I’ve always been obsessed with buying and collecting make-up.

Self-care corner

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Last week for Black Friday, I bought a bunch of new cosmetics and then realized I needed to reorganize my collection so that it made more sense. I went to Muji and bought more storage units to match the ones I had. Now everything is organized and easily accessible. I have individual drawers for eyeshadows, lipsticks, bronzer/blushes, brushes, mascara and general face stuff.

Touch of pink #selfie

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I’m a feminist and I think everybody should feel great in their own skin, but if a lipstick, eye colour or whatever makes you personally feel like you can take on the world, I’m all for it. That’s what make-up is like for me. It makes me a little more confident to go about my daily life, like the ultimate placebo.

It is also a relaxing and fun routine for me in the morning. 5-10 minutes where I can myself up but also not worry too much about what the day will bring.

Seeing stars #vscocam #selfie

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I also love art but often don’t have much time to sit down and draw. Makeup allows me to creatively work on the most organic canvas of all, the human face.

SHANY Eyeliner


SHANY had a sale so along with the eyeshadows in my previous post, I picked up their set of 12 Gel Eyeliners.


The 12 colours are beautiful. There are some funky ones like orange and a pale green but I think they’d be great for doing some detailed artwork on the eyes (imagine leopard print eyelids).


The colours are super pigmented. It didn’t take much for these swatches on my arm. It is also smudge and waterproof so my eye artwork can stay on all day.

I’m excited to play with these and do some fun things!

SHANY Eyeshadow


One of my Black Friday finds was this SHANY Loose Powder Glitter Eyeshadow Kit.


It came in 40 bright colours with two complimentary brushes. SHANY is a company I discovered on Amazon that has affordable products that don’t test on animals.


Here is a sample swatch of green and orange. I didn’t use that much but it is already so bright and sparkly! The bonus of loose eyeshadows is that not only can I use them for eyes, but anywhere else that needs splash of colours. Mixing it with lip gloss or chap will give me fun shades of lip colours or add a little splash in nail polish or mascara.

Now I’m ready for sparkly Christmas parties.

Centennial Garden 

Today I went to Centennial Garden with my dad. However, I didn’t have a camera with me except the one in my pocket: my iPhone 7 Plus!

It isn’t as good as a DSLR but does the trick when you forget a camera! 

Can I look like this irl? 

I spent a lot of time in the new Pokémon game perfecting my outfit. I spent $32,000 on shoes. 

Now I am a fashion goth and would totally wear this outfit in real life.