I rarely shoot posed portraits, but my sister got baptized yesterday and I thought I’d take some photos while everyone was dressed up.
Livia & Mom
Livia & Paul
Livia & Paul
These were all shot using the 24-70mm 2.8L on my Canon 60D. I also used the right light from Photojojo.

One thought on “Livia

  1. Hi Tiana!!!! I totally love the photos you took of Livia! Congrats to her on her baptism! I hope you can pass the msg to her that I was thinking about her recently and when I tried to find her I found all these nice photos you posted!!! She looks great and very happy next to her boyfriend. Hope she can forgive me and just send me a message to say hi at least, I would love to hear from her again. I miss her and even more after seeing these photos. Btw…you have a great eye for photography, I have a cannon Rebel Xsi but haven’t gotten that good at it yet, need more practice I guess. ; ) Well, hope all is well with your family and hope to hear back from you soon. God bless ; )

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